Who's on a house sit now? How's it going?

I’m sitting close to home which I never do. I’m loving my time with these 4.


Adorable photos @DMcat :dog::cat::heart:

Enjoy the rest of your time there :slightly_smiling_face:

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Small victories. Like when you get the pup to nap and not chase the cats, so they can do their thing.

I needed rest more than the pup, TBH. That’s because I had to move the couch twice to rescue her ball.

Sitting these three has given me a real sense of what it would’ve been like to have three toddlers — being pulled in all directions, all the time. I love these critters to bits, but I’m looking forward to going home and relaxing, LOL.


I love montreux! I lived in Switzerland 22 years ago. I went to the Montreux Jazz festival twice. The village i lived in was 2 train stops east of Montreux then a cog railway up the mountain a half hour.


Absolutely adorbs​:paw_prints::paw_prints::paw_prints::paw_prints::cat2::service_dog:

I just finished a sit near Chicago with an adorable lap monster Minature Poodle named Billie.


Love these!

@Catgoddess_99 It’s such a beautiful place :heart: and the jazz festival is brilliant! :musical_note::saxophone:

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It is! On top of that the castle makes it a prime destination!

I’ll wait to strip the sheets as I prep to leave today, because these guys wanna hang out.

It turns out they’re brothers and the shelter wouldn’t let my hosts adopt one without the other, because they were so attached.

They’re super loving cats and I wish we could’ve hung out more, but the year-old pup chases and tackles them. These poor guys were here for years and now the new pup has taken over.


I just began a sit in Toronto Canada, and i have to say it’s been delightful so far. I arrived a day early and had an immediate bond with Dazie the Bichoodle, and Billie the Scottish Straight who’s a bit more tentative but sweet. I enjoyed a lovely dinner with their Mom who left today. Here’s the images I sent her for a Pawsitive sendoff to someplace warmer than here.


Just finished a little weekend sit with the lovely Bentley. My second with him. HO invited me back for a 3rd and 4th. :heartbeat:


Repeat sit with this unique co worker


Sitting with Casey, 16 years old, in Flat Rock, NC near Carl Sandburg’s home.

And today, Saturday went to the Carl Sandburg house. Beautiful site and the house is much as it was when he died. Furniture, books, appliances.

Mrs Sandburg raised prize goats.
Even an Aga, which I didn’t know we had in the US.


Bayfield, Ontario Canada - 1 year old labradoodle Guinness, two cats Calvin and Hobbes - one indoor and one outdoor cat.

We were lucky or planned way ahead but have had housesits in this area since November 24th. until May 7th. Our first sit was almost 60 days - boy did we get comfortable! And our last sit this spring is Mar 7 - May 7th. We really enjoy the long term sits.


Finishing up my first sit in Toronto, then a few day’s gap before next sit in Toronto begins next Saturday. This sit has been nice, the pets have been adorable? Although the gloomy weather has been a bit of a damper, yet what do you expect when you come to sn eastern climate to sit in the winter. Amazingly there hasn’t been snow and what snow there was is now melted. Fortunately the last few day’s , although cold have been sunny. The biggest damper was actually due to a bout of sciatica I’ve been experiencing, i found a chiropractor here, yet it’s a slow go and my foot still has numbing . It’s been a test of patience and resilience and trusting that I’ll be good sooner than later. Overall, I’m filled with gratitude despite this stump in the road getting to be around loving pet’s. Here’s a few photo’s of this brother and sister from different mothers.


Gatsby in San Francisco! Our third sit for this lovely dog! He likes to watch us from the back deck, through the dining room window (hoping we will give him some of our food!).


3rd sit with this little sweet boy…Bentley :heartbeat:


We just got home after a weekend sit near Stroud, Gloucestershire, UK.

Here are the 2 dogs out on a walk

Solly is a Scottish Deerhound lurcher, and Hester is a terrier cross

Carl the kitten

Beau a very recent rescue found under a lorry

3 sheep

And about a dozen chickens

We were lucky to have a dry weekend, but sadly no clear skies for my son’s astronomy!


Solly is a beauty. I used to have an Irish Wolfhound, Sam. Back in the film camera days so no digital pics.