Who's on a house sit now? How's it going?

@Maggie8K What incredibly perfect hosts you landed! I hope enjoy the sit! :blush:

@Cuttlefish I just sat a pair of big GSDs near Raleigh, NC. They were both delights to sit for - very calm and made no demands except Kaiser wanted belly rubs. Both had hip problems so had a ramp to get to the yard. They would both go down the ramp but came back up the 5 stairs.


Thanks! My hosts have been great, as has their sweetheart of a dog. Their house is comfortable, too.

This sit has been invaluable, because I’d wanted to see whether my husband and I might eventually retire in this community or one like it. I realized that while I love the community — friendly people, gorgeous landscaping, well-kept homes and loads of amenities — the humidity is a deal-breaker. Walking my lovely sit dog multiple times a day has made me very well aware of that. So when time comes to find a retirement community, I’ll look for one like this, except with weather I like better.

If I hadn’t sat here and instead had made a quick visit (or come during another season), I might have overlooked the weather. There’s so much I like here that I might’ve mistakenly talked myself into it.


These are low maintenance too, so gentle @toml - they’re like big soft bears. The HO says that Bella, the 45kg one thinks she’s a chihuahua :rofl::rofl: They sleep on the bed normally but not with us!! 40 degrees & that size. Wasn’t a huge fan of GSDs but we are both smitten :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Great guard dogs ina remote village too.


3rd sit this summer in the UK. A lovely old cat in a beautiful home. Very hospitable owners. The usual, really #loveourlife


I am on one right now, two lovely dogs in a rural setting in Northumberland in the UK. Very chilled out dogs who love to run in their fields.


My sweetheart sit dog and a couple of toys I got her. She loves belly rubs, of course.

And a Florida sunset from yesterday, as we took one of our walks.