Who's on a house sit now? How's it going?

I’ve swopped wet and grey Scotland for dull and grey London but hey I have also gained little Miss Teazel … first time we looked after her she was just 6 months old, now 9 and apart from COVID times, we have looked after her every summer while Mom, Dad and the girls go “home” to MA USA :Not sure if it was lockdown times but this cat who would use you as a pin cushion at the drop of some cat nip is now lovable and even gives kisses … mellowing with age perhaps or been put in her place by the prickly evening visitors heart_eyes_cat: :us:

Only downside of this sit … we are in the direct flightpath of London Heathrow … flights begin at 4.30 amd and stop at around 1.30 am, no amount of Sound Proofing would help


We’ve had over 100km per hour winds here in West Gippsland, Victoria so we’ve been out checking fences to make sure no gum tree branches have come down that will let the cattle in from next door. We got excited yesterday when it got to 16 degrees and sunny (our warmest day in 3 weeks) but we were still dressed in merino base layers, polar fleece jackets and beanies! We figure the sun has a long way to travel south to us so that’s why 16 here feels so much colder than 16 at home in Brisbane :laughing:

Our menagerie is doing really well. Lila the ragdoll and I have been enjoying the Commonwealth Games in the early mornings, watching the Aussie Dolphins swim team take home their huge haul of gold medals. We introduced Cara the Australian Shepherd to carrot lollipops (she is a garbage guts). She wasnt sure at first and then she loved it! Our horse Charlotte comes running for her apple or carrot pieces which disguise her daily tablet and our 3 chooks have increased their productivity from 2 eggs per day to 3 eggs.

We have also been on some beautiful drives and bush walks close by, had lunch out at some great places and tried many local wines.

Life is pretty good!


@Angela-HeadOfCommunity what a cutie!! We are also directly under the flight path, and Roger is fascinated by watching the planes…hahaha…when you are retired, I guess it’s the little things in life :woman_shrugging:

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@Crookie such a great group of pets! Those carrot lollies are the best :heart_eyes:

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@Joanne - does Roger have the flightaware app on his phone? Register but free version available. Displays a map of the are and everything flying. Click on a plane and it identifies it. Right now I can see AA 728 from Philadelphia to LHR making the turn to begin the approach.

Went to the Bethlem Museum of the Mind yesterday - wonderful museum of mental health on the grounds of Bethlem Hospital. Going to the Museum of Neoliberalism today.
Drawing by Louis Wain who was a patient there of a psychiatrist cat. And a wonderful tree through a window.



@toml, you do the best touristing! I’m always envious of your travels out and about.

Yes @toml he certainly does have the app. He gets bummed when the winds change, and the flight patterns are different :wink:


@Joanne - I was once on final approach to DCA (Washington National). We were doing the river approach, the plane follows the Potomac River downstream right to the runway. Just before landing, the winds suddenly shifted to we zoomed off to come in from the other direction. Had to loop around to the south and land upriver over Alexandria.
Pretty exciting but added 20 minutes to the flight.


What an adorable pic, that’s why we have two hands @anon36831737 … so that we can hold more than one mini Dachs or any kind of pet. Thank you for capturing the moment :camera_flash::dog::dog::blush:… Is this your first time with Lola & Stella?

On the travel side, as someone very familiar with Singapore what is it that keeps drawing you back?

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Thanks @Ketch. The trip to the museum of Neoliberalism didn’t work out - even though I’d made a confirmed appointment, I and another couple got stood up - the museum didn’t open. I did get a email in the evening apologizing and explaining that the curator got sick.

There was a great coffee shop around the corner with delicious vegan pastries. Rhubarb and Custard Cafe

And on the way back, stopped in Lewisham at the street fruit market (much cheaper than grocery stores) and found the brilliant Migration Museum inside the Lewisham Shopping Center. Tells the story of immigrant migration to England - everyone’s - Germans, Jews, Italians, Indians, Caribbeans…

Not actually a restaurant but tables with menus from many immigrant owned restaurants in the area.


@anon36831737 - this is a great pair. I first visited Singapore during the SARS epidemic. Air fares and hotels were really cheap - no one was traveling….
There used to be some wonderful Singapore opportunities on Eatwith. I had a great dinner with an extended family on Christmas Eve once.


@anon36831737, your charges look adorable! I’m curious, when you got ‘stuck’ in Singapore in 2020 for 3 months - where did you end up staying? It’s too long/expensive for hotels I would assume, but also unlikely to have such a long housesit…

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I love reading you so keep writing and sharing.


Last day of sitting with this little girl, and it’s been our longest sit to date. Our first sit together with only one animal, and it’s interestingly been a different vibe. We’ve loved our time with Beegu, and I know this one year old, is looking forward to seeing her family again.

She’s a big girl, who thinks she’s still a lap dog :heart:


And she looked across the land at what she is creating and she is pleased.
The question is, who is she that is observing?
Choose and focus on the possibility of what you want not what you don’t want.
Sending love from us here.


Cats & Dogs @Amparo :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It rains in Heaven :hearts: :innocent:


Here is my current crew checking out the neighborhood happenings in Brisbane.


Maybe thinking of swimming?

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M’y new baby Donut in Daytona beach. Old, up there with limitations but so so cute.