Who's on a house sit now? How's it going?

Last day of sitting with this little girl, and it’s been our longest sit to date. Our first sit together with only one animal, and it’s interestingly been a different vibe. We’ve loved our time with Beegu, and I know this one year old, is looking forward to seeing her family again.

She’s a big girl, who thinks she’s still a lap dog :heart:


And she looked across the land at what she is creating and she is pleased.
The question is, who is she that is observing?
Choose and focus on the possibility of what you want not what you don’t want.
Sending love from us here.


Cats & Dogs @Amparo :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


It rains in Heaven :hearts: :innocent:


Here is my current crew checking out the neighborhood happenings in Brisbane.


Maybe thinking of swimming?

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M’y new baby Donut in Daytona beach. Old, up there with limitations but so so cute.


Tacoma, Washington with two kitties. Heading to a Seattle sit next week.
If anyone else is there let’s meet up.


What a fab picture @ExploreDreamDiscover it looks a beautiful day and kitty :black_cat: is obviously enjoying some peace and tranquillity, thank you for sharing.

To meet other members in Seattle perhaps put a post in the meet-ups channel. We had a great meet-up in London on Saturday which was only posted 10 days before the proposed date and we had 14 members attend, it was brilliant and we spent 5 hours exchanging stories, experiences, getting to know one other and discovering what we each did (and do) in our “real” lives, absolutely fascinating.

if you do post in meet-up it helps to share a date range or even a time and place. We love connecting and whenever there’s a chance of getting together we will.

Safe travels to Seattle :blush:



I made my way over to meetup opportunities and posted there. I’ll try for future travels also.


Excellent, we look forward to seeing some happy “Smiling in Seattle” faces :blush:

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Classic cat look… “Yes human? Did I ask you to look at me?”


We are enjoying what is to be our last sit in the UK before we head back to the states. In addition to a cute 1 year old pup, this is our first taste of indoor/outdoor cats, and they are just the sweetest. Imagine my surprise when they began joining us for walks each day! All 3 are the most well behaved little ones ever!!!


Hove (Brighton and Hove), UK, with a dog and a cat - and an estimated 200 pot plants in addition to a spacious garden. I feel more like a “plant sitter” here! I’ll suggest to the home owners to mention their plants and garden projects (such as the vegetable glass house) in their profile the next time they advertise, as that extra work came a bit as a surprise. But I am enjoying it. It is my first sit with a dog

after all those Covid years, and I chose to do it so-to-say “near to home”, as a gentle transition between finishing off my flat lease in Brighton and starting a new lifestyle as a full-time nomad. The next sits will be in Scotland!


We’re on a sit in Winchester and my husband and I are both working from home. My 16 year old son is with us and very bored. I was wondering if there is anyone in Winchester (owners or sitters) with someone around 16 willing to meet my son and maybe do something with him in the centre? He’s a good boy but very bored and moody! I’m attaching a picture of him with the dog and cat we’re looking after.


Five days in Royal Sutton Coldfield, I think 1 of only 3 ‘royal’ chartered towns in the UK.
Maverick, a big 3 yo GSD and Bonnie, a 4 yo Siberian husky who is definitely the alpha. Very well behaved except Maverick barks a lot when in the yard. First few days were so hot, but getting better now.


Bonnie in charge


Beautiful gorgeous doggos Tom. Enjoy!

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I’m currently looking after Moose in Hampshire!


AT LAST….the never ending UK wet stuff we kept hearing about, has arrived!!! After a month of toasty temps, it’s officially blanket-snuggle time again. May seem a bit odd to most folks, but we couldn’t be happier to see it this morning :blush:


We are 2 weeks into a 6 week sit in Brighton with the lovely Lulu, She is a Staffie/ Husky mix

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