Who's on a house sit now? How's it going?

@Cuttlefish incredible, love it. Definitely looks like a dream sit to me! :star2:


@Cuttlefish - amazing crew!

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Last of 3 Oregon sits over a month - Eugene. Comfortable house sit in woods - front deck and garden, back deck on the east side so afternoon shade where I’m sitting now.

Brother and sister 3 yo Cav KC spaniels who are friendly and well-behaved.

And Lily whose forehead is solid.

And Mocha, 14 yo cat who isn’t hiding but so far hasn’t been too friendly.


Looks lovely @toml and hopefully Mocha will warm to you soon! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Time sure does fly….wrapping up our first 5 week sit, and couldn’t have picked a better kitty and location. Gracie is a dream cat who loves nothing more than napping on your lap, watching the birds on the window sill, or finding a comfy couch cushion. We will miss her for sure :heart_eyes_cat:. We’ve been lucky enough to find a similar 5 week sit for next year at this time, in a nearby location. We applied, then actually spent several hours sharing a meal and getting acquainted with the pet and owners. We are thrilled to be returning to the shoreline of Myrtle Beach in spring 2024!!!


Arrived today for a sit in U.K. -


@Silversitters looks lovely. Whereabouts in the UK are you? :uk::slightly_smiling_face:


Sunny Sussex

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@Silversitters very nice :+1:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

Currently in England, near the Scottish border, with four fabulous pups and two donkeys. I’m surrounded by love and peace. Heavenly.


Just arrived in warm and sunny Berlin today to be ‘trained’ by the wonderful Mosha. I might have to discuss the chewing of my laces though! :smile:


Currently on my first house sit for 2023 at Northamptonshire taking care of Domino and Amber. Sad that my first sit in Dublin was cancelled but lucky enough that the present sit came up (and I got it). I have 9 lined up in England, Portugal, Germany and Luxembourg. All logistics (internal flights, connecting transport and hostels all confirmed so I hope no more surprise cancellation). Going home end of October before it gets too cold.


Hi @Edith great photos! That looks a fabulous sit… enjoy! :dog:🫏 :slightly_smiling_face:

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