Who's on a house sit now? How's it going?

@Samox24 I’ve been going through a really stressful time of late and the second I saw the lush green hills and stone walls of the Dales, my whole body breathed out…


@MarieHuggins i’m sorry to hear that but so happy to hear the beautiful Dales are helping you right now :slightly_smiling_face:


@Samox24 thank you :blush:



More wonderful photos @MarieHuggins and it certainly looks like you are having a lovely time enjoying the Dales with your canine companions


@MarieHuggins fantastic photo!

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After 3 years I have finally arrived to Australia to complete a two month sit that was cancelled when the borders closed in 2020. Total flight time 24 hours. Was greeted at the airport to meet the two women who never forgot me and graciously invited me for a second attempt. They held up a brightly colored banner with my name as we had never even seen photos of each other. They drove 2.5 hours to be there for my 06:30 flight. We hugged and cried, giggled and began the first of many conversations over the three days we spent together before their departure to begin El Camino de Santiago in Spain. Remarkeable, fiercely strong, independent yet gentle loving women.
Their home is on a mountaintop surrounded by some of the most gorgeous birds I have ever seen and I get to feed them, hand feeding kookaburras and magpies is truly a soulful experience and a first for me.
Their King Cavalier has gone to stay with his best dog friend and walking companion and the 3 gorgeous girls are here with me enjoying the silence and warmth of the gas fireplace. They insisted I take the master bedroom whilst they slept in the sofa bed during our time together. The fridge is full as are two freezers with home made vegetarian dishes that they assured were all for me as well as took me shopping “just in case” I had a need for anything else.
All the bed linen, duvet, towels are brand new. Closet and draw space a plenty for my meager belongings. A huge basket filled with a brand new bath robe, a bottle of sangria, notecards, music CDs, plush Sherpa socks, tea towels, aromatics and an assortment of soaps to suit my pleasure.
The garden is bursting with Spring flowers, flowering trees and green veg. This morning the car they left me is covered in ice but the sun is bright and promising. There is no WiFi. Only books, music, meows, purrs and the song of birds.
We had a wonderful luncheon so I could meet the neighbors. One has given me access to her WiFi. I have also been left a mobile phone, emergency cash and a very happy peaceful heart.

Namaste everyone.


The owner of this property - housing 20 rescue cats from Africa - told me that tomcat Fridolin would no way accept any other cat near him in the only room occupied by a human which he claimed his territory… … …after a month there is a trio! And more are waiting at the doorstep, for the “human touch” :slight_smile:


Oh @Amparo what a lovely welcome.

Welcome to Australia, the land of plenty! We live in such a special country which we are reminded of when we travel overseas. Enjoy every glorious special moment!


Glad you’re being welcomed with such kindness, @Amparo! The pets are adorable, too!


How wonderful!


What a fabulous welcome @Amparo

Enjoy your time in Australia!



Oh @Amparo what an absolutely wonderful welcome to Oz! Those owners are one in a million and have truly shown you Aussie kindness, hospitality and appreciation. A lot is to do with all that communication and friendship that has developed over the past 3 years, isn’t it? You’ve been waiting for this for so long as have they. I’m so happy for you, Amparo. Enjoy every moment in your bushland retreat with three gorgeous feline companions and the plethora of beautiful birds that will sing to you daily. Take care, too, as it’s approaching bushfire season.


@ExploreDreamDiscover thank you. Such an inspiring location…xxxx


Such lovely photos @MarieHuggins :dog::camera::smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


@Samox24 thank you :blush:


Dear @Amparo you found kindred souls …

Have a wonderful two months :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Wow @Amparo That sounds like such a magical sit with beautiful pets and such kind & generous hosts. Well worth rhe long wait! I wish you a wonderful & heart-nourishing time there! :heart::pray::heart:


:100: @Amparo - that post made me stop & think, this is exactly what house sitting is all about. Real human connection! Enjoy every moment :australia::kangaroo:#fullydeserved and what lovely hosts :two_hearts:


Loved reading this. Brava! Hope your entire stay is on the same high level. I find folks who leave a house/pet sitter such circumstances demonstrate how much they really love their pets and home. And respect that others want to feel as at home in the world as they.