Why did you arrive at our forum?

This is a question I’ve always wanted the answer to? Why did each of us search out the forum? It would be good to have it as a poll of reasons but I’m not super techie, maybe some of our more computer literate could do that.
Please be very truthful with your answers but if you needed a problem resolved or an answer to a question just say that, don’t give us the whole scenario as that will definitely take us off topic.

I’ll go first.

I was either invited or I stumbled upon it, can’t actually remember.


I was invited at the start but did not want to join something so new with so few members. I eventually sought out the forum after I’d finished a sit and was unable to wrangle a review out of the HO despite several requests. I came here for advice and got some very helpful guidance. After that I stayed for the cameraderie.


I had read about THS and wanted to konw how it works, what experiences both sitters and owners had, what are the positives and negatives of their experiences. So, I was a forum member for a month before posting my listing. Very useful, I’d say, this way I knew what I was getting into.


I noticed it was an option on the website’s side menu. :smiley:


I think I also noticed it was a new option on the app and so started exploring when it first arrived


I was invited to join.

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I was invited to trial it before it was rolled out to everyone.

Like a couple others here, I noticed it as an option after joining and always like to see if forums will provide me with additional information on anything I become part of.

I was invited and I am nosy


I noticed it was on the App the same as @Cuttlefish

I was googling information on the new 5 application pause rule as I couldn’t find any official communication and found ‘the thread.’

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Can’t quite remember, I think I had an email invite last spring.

Like others before me, I noticed it was an option on the menu and I was also in desperate need to find a sitter at the time. :upside_down_face:

I think I joined when THS first told all members about the forum. I think it was announced in an email. Before that I think the forum had been running as a sort of pilot with an invited group of members.

I looked for a way to connect with other sitters. I think it is a wonderful service we all provide for pet owners all over the world, without payment, and I think that the THS platform is a marvelous, unsurpassed and extremely useful tool which I am grateful for. But for everyday life as a THS member you need other real people to talk to, not just paid customer service representatives. Those are the people I meet here, on the forum.

@Angela_L I think it’s time the word ‘New’ was removed from next to Community Forum. It must be 2 years old now……:wink:


Good morning! I had an issue and wanted advice, saw this as an opportunity so I joined. Also nice to know others on this app and how they are making out as owners and sitters.

Originally I couldn’t get my head around paying to pet sit, as opposed to being paid, as I had in the past.

So I started perusing the brand new forum (and outside blogs and articles) to see what sitters were saying before I officially became a THS member.

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I joined the forum, because we came across our first disappointingly dirty house and needed advice on how to handle it. Luckily it was our only bad one (33 good, 1 bad), so the odds are good.

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