Why House Sitting Is Perfect For Remote Workers - Marco and Fran's Story

Fran & Marco Map The Unknown Founders and TrustedHousesitters Members Share Their Inspirational Story … :clap: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

With a passion for pets and an affinity for adventure, it’s safe to say that Marco and Fran, founders of Map the Unknown, have hit the sweet spot when it comes to travel and work. After years traveling full time through ‘van life’, backpacking, hitchhiking and more, the pair have settled on house sitting - what they call perfect for remote workers and digital nomads like themselves.

With no real home base but rather multiple house sitting ventures under their belt, Marco and Fran have been able to grow their online business while having unforgettable adventures in countries across the globe. Caring for new fluffy friends and staying in cool homes around the world has allowed the pair to travel full time without sacrificing their career goals (or their passion for pets!). So, armed with a wealth of experience, let’s explore their house sitting wisdom, along with their eight reasons why house sitting is perfect for remote workers.


@Angela-HeadOfCommunity isn’t this just the greatest! We have the opportunity with TrustedHousesitters to share our love with so many beautiful animals, all the while enjoying new adventures in new locations. Such a win-win for pet parents, pets and sitters alike!


If we could get where we want to be it would be worth it. Can’t even apply anymore. I wasted over a year getting two dozen five star reviews on this site so I can get a “really good” sit. But with the limit, I can’t.

It’s unfortunate you feel that all those sits you did were a “waste of your time”. I’m sure the HO and pets (if included) were happy to have you if you received 5 star reviews.

There is no guarantee when considering avenues like this. Yes, there may be dream places you’d love to visit but there is no guarantee you’d get them. You could have the opportunity and you may still be rejected. 5 star reviews doesn’t automatically mean that every HO you apply to is going to love you. Some people click and some people don’t.

We are here to find sitters. People we can trust with our home and our pets. One day we’d love to maybe be on the flip side of that and have the opportunity to take care of someone’s home and their pets! If it works out that’s a bonus for us. But this definitely isn’t an avenue if you’re looking for a fair give and take experience. There are just too many variables.

We weren’t here before (we are new this year) but I don’t feel limiting the applications is the issue. Some you will make it in time and some you won’t. Some you get the sitting and some you won’t.

If you hope to find the perfect sit, on your specific timeline (when looking) I feel like in a lot of ways that’s like searching for a needle in a hay stack. :person_shrugging: