Join Our House Sitting Webinar Event ... June 29th

Why House Sitting is the Best Way for Pet Lovers to Travel

Hear from Marco and Fran, aka Map the Unknown. Hear about their house sitting experiences and learn from their digital nomad know-how!

Hear from Marco and Fran, aka Map the Unknown - full-time globetrotters and full-on pet lovers. Hear about their house sitting experiences, learn from their digital nomad know-how and get your questions answered!

Full-time globetrotters and full-on pet lovers, there’s no one better to hear from about house sitting than our members, Marco and Fran - founders of Map the Unknown.

To learn from their years of experience and house sitting know-how, join our webinar on Thursday 29th June at 6 pm BST / 1pm EST. Tune in to hear the pair’s advice, top tips and answers to your pet sitting questions, so that you can carve paths untrodden, too.

Join us to find out…

  • How Marco and Fran trot the globe full-time (WITHOUT sacrificing their career goals or passion for pets)
  • H ow you (yes, you!) can combine your love of pets and travel through house sitting - and carve paths untrodden, too
  • Tips and tricks from Marco and Fran’s years of experience and house sitting know-how
  • Plus, get your questions answered in a LIVE Q&A and receive 25% off your TrustedHousesitters membership fee, plus a FREE checklist with more tips and tricks, so you can start your own house sitting adventures!

Our Speakers: Marco and Fran, aka Map the Unknown

Marco is an Agile Coach from the Philippines and Fran is an Ontological Life Coach from Argentina. Together they are known as @maptheunknown. They have passports from 4 countries, speak Spanish, English, Tagalog, and Italian (a work in progress)… and are quite the multicultural couple!

Marco and Fran are passionate about traveling, self-development, lifestyle, travel hacking, and digital entrepreneurship. They created to share tools and information to inspire and help people to live their best travel lives! They’ve been traveling the world full-time for more than 5 years (since January 2018) in different travel styles: backpacking, couchsurfing, hitchhiking, van life, house sitting, luxury travel, volunteering, etc. And, for them, house sitting became their favorite way to find accommodation (or “home away from home”) while traveling around the world. It’s just such a great way to travel that they believe more people should know and experience it!

Connect with Marco and Fran:

• Instagram: Marco & Fran | Travel Lifestyle & Self-Development (@maptheunknown) • Instagram photos and videos

• Facebook: Map The Unknown

• YouTube: Map The Unknown - YouTube

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• Website:


Thanks so much for this opportunity to share our story and expertise with the THS community! Looking forward to meeting everyone in the webinar. It’s gonna be fun! :blush:


I just joined this forum and am excited to attend the webinar, but it’s sold out! Is this an error … room for one more please? :slight_smile:

Hi @teal Thank you for asking, we will certainly check that for you and come back …

I can’t find anywhere if this is free or if you are charging for it.

Hi, this is a free webinar @MissChef

Great, thanks for the reply.

Is this something that TH is underwriting or completely unaffiliated that you’re just promoting?

I’m interested in knowing more… @maptheunknown since this is free, why would it be “sold out”?

Hi again @MissChef

The “sold out” applies to the number who can be accommodated via the Zoom call …

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