Why is no one interested in my house sit

I am new to the site and am disapointed that I have had no applications. I don’t know if it’s my blurb, my photos or the dates so would really appreciate some honest feedback. We live in quite a touristy area and we have had friends in the area who have used Trusted Housesitter so would love to work out what’s wrong with my posting. I know I struggled to get pictures when the weather has been so bad!

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Probably because it is just two nights and because it is still two months away.

I would not want to tie myself up for that already now. I am still waiting for some nice longer sits to pop up around that time. After that I will try to fill up the gaps with the shorter sits.

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I think you’ve done all the right things - eye catching pic of Alfie as your first photo (he looks adorable and great fun!), more good pics of your home, garden and surroundings. As @pietkuip has said it is a short sit which might deter some sitters. Personally I am happy booking ahead but I know many people will wait to see if they can get longer sits especially as this is around the Easter break time.

The only other thing that might put some people off is having three pets plus the chickens to look after (even if they are very low maintenance). That said as someone commented in another thread “there is a sit for everyone” so I am sure you will find a suitable sitter before too long.

Love that cover photo of Alfie. Adorable!

I think the answer has already been given: only 2 nights, still 2 months out, and around Easter.

That means it’s much too early to post now, as most people won’t make a decision on a 2 night sit till much closer to date if they have a gap between sits or haven’t been able to get something else.

Also note that for many sitters it’s not worth travelling to a sit that’s only 2 days. It means relying on people that are either local, or who already happen to be in the area. The latter means they’ll fill longer sits (1 week+) first

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Ah OK, that’s really interesting. I didn’t realise a lot of people look for longer sits.

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Welcome @bencher .
Ross-on-wye is a great location for a holiday or weekend away but only it’s only easily accessible if you have car ( as it doesn’t have a train station) can you offer to pick up a sitter from the train station if necessary to widen the appeal ?

It would also help if you mention how long Alfie can be left alone for so your potential sitters know how long they will have to explore the area and the things you have mentioned ( paddle boarding or canoeing )

Would you consider having a family with children ? If so that will add to the attraction .

I know that there are often events in Ross-on-wye can you research what will be happening on the weekend that you’ve listed and include that in the title?


Hi @bencher
Your sit may work for sitters doing back to back sits and have a gap. These types of sitters may be wanting to get confirmed longer sits.
Good luck. Your dog looks adorable!


On top of what others have said about the length/timing, the thing that would make me pause is that the sit says “accessible by public transport” but no mentions as to where a bus or train stop might be in relation to your house. As the rest of the description mentions how far away everything is by car, I would presume that I need a car and wouldn’t apply.

Besides the people who will want to fill in a gap between longer sits, you may have some luck with local people who are trying to gather reviews and build a reputation on the platform.


Lovely pup and gorgeous home.

I think the issue is the length of the sit and it’s proximity to Easter. A lot of people will be on Holiday. And the sit is too short for international sitters unless they happen to be passing through. So you’re left with a pretty small pool of sitters who will have lots of choices due to the holiday.

For only a 2 night sit, it would be nice to clearly state in the listing that you do not expect the sitter to do any cleaning or laundry. I would never do a 2 night sit if I was expected to clean all the rooms I used during that time (kitchen, bathroom, sitting room, entry hall, and bedroom) and laundry too.

If your home is very clean when the sitter arrives, the cleaning would not be too terrible, but potential sitters never really know if a home is going to be really clean or not, until they arrive.

Your home and dog look great, and it sounds like a fun and easy sit!

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Your sit looks lovely and if I was not already booked on those dates, I would apply. I disagree with those saying it is too early. I am booked for March through May with several 2-3 week-long sits and I am almost done filling the short gaps in between. I hope the right sitter comes along for you very soon!

@bencher Longer sits are desireable as it provides time to get to know the animals and the routines to take care of them. Plus, there is cleanup time needed when the sit is finished. For our family, it doesn’t make sense to arrive at a petsit, unpack our stuff, repack after a couple days, and then take hours to clean the house and wash the dirty towels or bedding. At a minimum, we looked for a petsit lasting a week or more so that we have time to do all of the above and slowly tour the local area. 2 days is nothing but work. But as stated before, there’s a perfect sitter for every sit so maybe there’s a sitter out there purposely looking for something short

I’m sure you will find someone. I find the advice on the forum good but each response is limited to that individual’s experience. I sometimes list for short sits or “too far in advance” in what would be some people’s mind - I’ve had someone apply for a sit I listed for 2025 who is making travel plans to visit various parts of the UK. Please don’t lose hope, you never know who is looking and what for. If push comes to shove, have a backup plan just in case, but it will often work out ok :+1:


@bencher lovely informative ad, pets and home totally gorgeous. You will find a sitter but the only hurdle is the short dates on Easter weekend.

It’s a gap filler date or one at the end of an already planned sit. Sit tight and closer to the time I’m sure someone will apply

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Many thanks to everyone who has replied. Everyone has been so helpful and I will tweak my profile with the suggestions.