Wondering about my application

Although I have am getting sits, I get declined without interviews. And one I really wanted, put me on hold for 2 weeks. Then she interviewed me, I was persistant. She told me that she was waiting on another 2, but they were not prompt in their responses, I was etc. And then we had the interview and she told me that I was their best option and I got the sit. But I was wondering why these other people, who didn’t even care enough to get back to her promptly, looked better in the application. So I thought I would ask, what do you think stands out that you are successful getting sits?

They were probably weighing other options.

They probably had more positive reviews, if you are new you don’t have the same amount of reviews --and reviews are very important–they probably wanted people with more reviews. Many people do not want to hire someone before they have been tried and tested On the site.

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They may have been new and taking their time to pick the right person, if so, they will learn very quickly that they should just go with heart. Or perhaps it’s the location of you in comparison to the others who may be a lot further afield or overseas, or it could be that your profile had more heart, but more importantly. But don’t worry or take any time to consider what others are doing, just focus on yourself and the ones you apply to. You know what you bring to the table, it’s not about reviews either, it’s simply about you as a person, and obviously in this case the HO saw you as a good fit for them. So switch off to what others are doing, and keep yourself in a happy and positive and confident of getting the sit mindset.


I used to dwell on my losses, but the bottom line is you never know.

For really ideal locations my husband and I wonder if sitters offer money for rent and that is more appealing.
Or if there is one particular thing they are looking for- some people want a couple, some a single. If they are a gay couple, would they prefer a gay couple? Is one sitter also a yoga fiend like them?

Too many possibilities, it’s nice when we are told, but usually we are kept guessing:

Once we were local to a sit but they “wanted to give a traveler the opportunity to experience their city” and another “had someone excited to use their piano”. See how difficult it is to guess!


Thanks for the feed back. I may not have enough “heart”. I am very practical. But an excellent dog sitter. And I think that part comes across when we talk. But some just decline without interviewing me. I would think that if you got only 5 applicants, you would want to interview them. Alas, not so. I only have 3 sits done, but have 5 coming up so by end of year, I will have a bunch. I am going nomad end of Oct, have Nov filled. Just a little nervous about what to expect.

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As a HO, what I look for in an application is an understanding (and capability/commitment to perform) of the basic responsibilities laid out in the profile, as well as an explanation of why this sit is attractive to you (location, family nearby, like the amenities, whatever). If you are not local, an indication of travel plans already made to be in the area (or at least the country) is a huge plus.

The intangibles I am looking for are a personality type my dog will enjoy, which is active and playful. I don’t want someone who will robotically plop a food bowl down but not engage with the dog for play or affection (and yes I have gotten those types of applicants). Lastly - a personality my husband and I would enjoy hosting is a plus.

The video call is super helpful for sussing out the intangibles I’m looking for, but the application and profile are usually good enough to judge whether a call is warranted.

As for reviews, I consider them but it isn’t a deciding factor on whether to move forward with an applicant or not. If there are one or two flawed reviews in a group of great reviews, I look carefully for a sitter response. If it’s factual and calm that is perfect. If it’s defensive then that’s a red flag to me. Not because I care about what happened in the past but if there is an issue during the sit we need to discuss that is not the personality type I want to deal with.

I hope that helps. Good luck and hopefully you’ll get on a roll soon enough.


I don’t think it’s normal practice to speak to everyone who applies - you call these interviews, but they really aren’t.

I think most H/O speak to the one person they prefer from the applications and profiles, and if everyone’s happy, the sit is confirmed. If not, they’ll move on the the next favourite.

Don’t take it personally. I know H/Os like the fact that I’m a bit older, and WFH, but that doesn’t really mean I’m any better at petsitting than someone younger or on a trip. I’ve probably missed out on sits where they’d prefer a couple, or someone younger and fitter, or vegetarian, or blonde-haired, or who likes to play the piano :grin:


No, really not. Some owners pick a sitter without any video call, even for longer sits.

Typical I think is that they only speak to the applicant that they chose. If that one is good enough, they offer that applicant the sit.


A set of new hosts did this. I quickly ended up taking another sit. Then they came back and said they were disappointed, because they thought I was great and they’d hoped I’d do repeat sits for them. They said they were speaking to the other applicants to be polite. To me, that’s illogical — if you find a good sitter, you drag things out at your own risk.

To me, there are countless good sits, so why wait unless there’s a sit that’s spectacular? If you’re a host, realistically consider whether your sit is so special that a sitter couldn’t easily find another.


That happened to me and was glad. I applied for 2 sits in same area, same dates approx. The first one interviewed me, but it was OK, not my first choice (they had a cat–I am a little allergic). The other one delayed, as I wrote above. The first one declined me for someone who was into cats – so OK. The 2nd one finally interviewed me and was really happy with the way it went and I got it. So sometimes, the delay can work.


Thank you. I think I do not tailor my response, as you laid out. I am older, a retired widow. But active. And a serious dog person. That is why I do well in the interview. I just need to expand more in my application. And I am getting great reviews since I am neat, clean, don’t go siteseeing, just hang out and take care of the dog(s). I usually get requests from other dog owners, at the dog park, to come and sit their dogs. And neighbors seem shocked on how attentive I am to the pets. I make sure they are taken care of, as I would want someone to take care of my dogs. I am not sure how to apply that to my application.

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If your application sounds unemotional and not personalised, like you said in above posts, that might be the reason you got declined.

Emotional or not depends on what the pet owners are like themselves, but I think most hosts like personalised applications.

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I’ve just seen a sit saying don’t apply if you don’t answer your messages lol.


Hah. After reading that I wouldn’t apply, although I do read my messages.

@Redlady We always get complimented on how quickly we get back. Even when declining their invitation. Its definitely worked in our favor and I can’t understand why people leave others hanging. Even just a quick, I’ll get back to you by X, is better than tardiness.

That is why I got the recent sit. The ones with applications she preferred, didn’t get back to her in a timely manner. While I did. So I got an interview and the sit.


I would prioritize your application as you are a great fit for what we like to see. Active, older (so no worries about you heading out clubbing all night), and experienced. My dog is trained so she walks well, as long as you’re willing to walk an hour a day with her.

I think you need to find a way to express that you are a serious dog person, and active with dogs, in your application. Do they allow YouTube links in the application? Some short videos of you interacting with dogs would be great.

And list out all the dog breeds you’ve owned/cared for. It illustrates experience with a variety of dogs.

HO put too much emphasis on reviews only. They help but many great pet sitters are out there that just haven’t had the time to amass dozens of them.

I do that. When I was single I ran 5 miles every morning with my rescues. Then when my daughter was 5, we got a cattle dog mix puppy that became a frisbee dog and big swimmer. How in her last months, I took her by wagon to the ocean every day. I sat a pit mix, who they just let out in the backyard, which was filled with poo. I was walking him 3 times a day, and he never pooped in the backyard with me. We played fetch there every day. Then I had a dog that they said was not social. We went slow with a small female. He was more than social. He fell in love and I would meet up with that owner so they could hang together. I am a dog whisperer. Just not so great at being gushy in the app. Once I get the interview, they really like what I have to say. But as I am going nomadic for 5 months, after Oct, I need to adjust, perhaps be a little more gushy, so I can get some competitive sits in FL during Jan and Feb.


There is your application. What amazing experience! Cattle dogs are so energetic; rescues are unpredictable - amazing!

You just need to read the profile, then take your experience and condense it it what is meaningful for that sit.

I can assure that as a HO I do look at more than reviews. It is what I think the sitter will bring as far as the relationship with my pup that matters.

Make sure what flows through your application is more than just I read your profile and can care for dogs. It needs to scream that I love love love dogs and here are the various dogs I’ve loved and cared for over the years.