Would anyone be interested in a third party site that scrapes THS data for forward planning?

So the idea behind this would be a tool that allows you ( a sitter) to see in advance when sits get published (based on historic data) for certain areas and for how long. This would help those sitters who plan sits a long time in advance and who try to connect sits. In essence when to start looking for sits. There could also be lots of other data points such as type of pets, transportation etc etc. All this info would be scraped from the existing THS site. Your thoughts? EDIT: Also it would be cool to have a graphic showing the globe and “hot spots” for potential sits based on selected date ranges.


Sounds interesting . I would like to meet to discuss if you do a meet up ?
I offered recently to do a partial sit date on iow I could do all dates . Might be helpful if someone needs a hand over sit similar .

If I am planning way out, I often will look at current listed Sits, and the history within the listing, to see if an Owner seems to need a Sitter a the same time each year. Some people go on vacation every year during the same month.

I wish Owners would list their Sits earlier!!