Would it be considered “invasive" to ask this?

Hello. I applied for a sit. The owner told me that I was his first choice. Then he asked me to email him a photo of my driver’s license before confirming. I politely said that I wasn’t comfortable. Email isn’t the least bit secure and I’ve been the victim of identity theft. So he then declined my application.

We undergo background checks in the US. Owners should not ask for personal information to be sent via unsecured means like this. It’s not safe.


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Sorry that you’ve been disappointed with your application for a sit . Is this your first sit with THS ?
I am wondering did the sit include use of HO’s car ? In which case I can understand that they need to have a copy of your driving license for insurance purposes. If you are not happy about using e-mail maybe you have another method of sending personal information that you feel is more secure that you could have suggested?

If you did not feel comfortable with the HOs request then this probably wasn’t the right sit for you but don’t be discouraged I am sure you will find a a sit that suits you .

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No, it’s not my first sit. And no I would not be using the owners car.

There is no way to send the information in a secure manner unless the owner has his own secure server. It’s also unnecessary and redundant as US based sitters have full background checks.

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Ask him for his driver’s license and see how he reacts :laughing: If you’ve got your info approved on here, then he shouldn’t need more info. You may have dodged a bullet. I would consider a red flag as well.


That’s just it he doesn’t seem to understand what the background check is for and what it involves.

It’s just frustrating to know that I was his number one choice and that he did not pick me because I would not send a photo copy of my license to him via email. I have not done a sit in 4 years and was looking forward to getting back into it.

I’m told that THS does not recommend that owners ask for ID and does not recommend that sitters send ID. But they were not willing to intervene with the owner to correct this. I gently suggested to him that the background check was far more thorough than a photocopy of one ID and that perhaps he should reconsider asking his sitters to send this.

I haven’t had time to read every single reply to this topic, but what a useful and interesting one!
I would like to point out that on other sites I belong to (Home Exchange and Airbnb) once an exchange or a rental has been confirmed, then both sides are provided with the other person’s full name, email address, phone number, and street address. It seems to me that THS should also be providing this information to both parties once a sit has been agreed. It works on other exchange/sharing sites, why not here?


100% AGREE!

There could be no question as to the parties’ identities nor any confusion about what home is being offered.

I also think if a couple is registered on the site as one unit, that, BOTH sitters should have background checks, and if need be, they should have to pay additionally to be vetted as a second sitter. (I only presume my sitters are honest and trustworthy, but it is true that many victims of domestic abuse trust and defend their abusers, and most often you hear it said that serial murderers are the nicest people by their neighbors and friends!)

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I applied for a housesit for the fall. Even before I had my first call to ‘meet’ the host, she asked me if I would be willing to give my driver’s license information. I ended up withdrawing my application as a result. Just wanted some input from others - for me it felt off. I don’t plan to use her car (I’m not even sure that’s an option) and I’ve had my background checked and cleared already as that’s necessary to use the services. So I withdrew because it just felt off. Am I being irrational? Thanks!

Hi @disneyabby1. Your question about sitters being asked to provide some form of official ID, such as a diver’s license, is a good one. It comes up from time to time. I’ve moved your question here, to one of those earlier conversations, so you can see how others responded.

I did the same. And I was really looking forward to the sit. But I’ve had my identity stolen once and do not sent personal information over email. Though I do have a Proton Mail account I use for more sensitive information. I think that some people don’t understand that email is not private and some HO don’t understand that the background check US sitters have done is far better than a copy of a DL.

I wouldn’t hesitate to show my ID on arrival.

I would not be offended if asked for my driver’s license.

It’s not a matter of being offended. Email is not at all secure. .

In this country (Sweden), one’s driving license is a matter of public record. Anybody can contact Transportstyrelsen (our equivalent of the Department of Motor Vehicles) and request a copy of my driving permit.