Home owner questions for potential sitters

Hi, as a new HO (but experienced sitter) I’d appreciate some guidance from experienced owners on questions they ask potential sitters for who apply for long term sits (in our case 5 months). The sitters we invited to do our sit have now declined. They seemed perfect on paper and in the video call but maybe we didn’t ask the right questions or put them off somehow. I’ve searched the forum and can see a lot of advice for sitters to ask home owners but not the other why around. Also, is it OK to ask the potential sitter for some ID like a driver’s licence or passport? Particularly for digital nomads with no fixed address or does THS have these details if we rin in to trouble (I’m catastrophising here).

I was curious if they were from the UK, would they be able to stay for longer than three months?

Perhaps there was an issue with that, although I would expect them to have told you if that was the reason.

Did you ask for ID etc?

To my understanding all new members have to upload their ID, I did when I joined 9 months ago. I also saw a lot of comments from members who joined X years ago questioning the ID upload as I think it became mandatory for all members.
Have they not given you a reason for declining? especially after a video call! There could be a personal reason and they don’t want to share the details. Its not necessarily something you have or have not done.

HI @Crookie this thread is on the same topic … List of questions for HOs to ask the potential sitters?

You can also search with key words using the spyglass. There are also great articles on the website blog which also has a search function Blog - Page 1 | TrustedHousesitters.com and all manner of instructional and informational blogs.


I’ve seen a lot of comments in the forum regarding “digital nomads with no fixed address” and I’m wondering what a homeowner could possibly need an address or proof of ID for nomad that wouldn’t be the same for someone without a permanent home.

When I joined THS, I was required to upload proof of my identity/address and even took it a step further and completed the background/ID verification through evident before it was required of US sitters. The process would have been no different it I had a “permanent home” versus a “permanent address”.

You can see on the sitters profile what info THS has collected/verified. For example:

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Yes, I flagged the visa issue with them. No, didn’t ask for ID.

I think they just had second thoughts

Did you ask them point blank, why they’ve had a change of heart?

We are experienced, full-time sitters and full-time nomads with no fixed address. We’ve had the required THS criminal background check since we joined in 2017 and have both had FBI background checks as required for immigration purposes when we were in New Zealand for 2 years. All of this is listed on our profiles across 3 platforms along with a total of 88 house sit reviews. I personally, would be put off If a HO requested additional ID from me. I’m not sure what you would glean from that request? We have no problem supplying driver license details in order to be added to car insurance, when offered the use of a car. Again, this is just me, personally.

I highly recommend that you have a discussion regarding possible contribution to utilities (if their usage is important to you). You have a 5 month house sit with no pets and I don’t think it’s out of line to have the discussion. We are currently on a 5 month house sit with no pets and we contribute to the monthly utilities. We actually brought it up because we know our HO is EXTREMELY frugal when it comes to heating and cooling, we wanted to be comfortable without guilt.

All the best to you in your search and I’m sure you’ll find the perfect match! You have a very desirable sit!


Thanks @Angela-HeadOfCommunity I searched THS website & the forum for “owner questions for sitters” and couldn’t find anything. I knew it would be around, thanks again,

@Knowmad I think I was just overthinking the whole ID thing and have let that go now. First time home owner nerves despite having been a sitter for over 2 years. I’ve moved on from the first applicants as they said our resort didn’t seem to be a good fit for them. We had a video call last night with the new potential sitters and they seem fabulous. So here’s hoping…:crossed_fingers:

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