Request for Drivers License

Curious if anyone has ever had a host request seeing sitters drivers license be held up to screen for a screenshot? If so (or not), how’d you respond?

End the call and look for another sit


Are you going to be driving the pet parents car?
If you are they will need a lot more details than a screen shot of your drivers license.
Some people need a lot of assurance, especially if this is there first time using THS. Your reaction depends on a lot of things -
What was the conversation before the request?
Was the tone of the whole conversation friendly?
Were they demanding, treating you like an employee?
How much do you want this sit?

A request for a screen shot of my license or passport would not put me up nor down but I’m a very trusting person and long as there was no other “odd” requests I would probably comply. I think it’s reasonable for them to make sure you are who you say you are. Let’s face it, the security checks are laughable on this site.


Never been asked, but I don’t think I’d have any problem with that.
If the car is entrusted to the sitter, then the host not only has the right to ask for the license but should.

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@Stellaluna I have had this request ( to show passport on the ID page ) several times ….for a job interview over a video call …. but never for a house sit .

I would probably say oh I have done x sits and never been asked for that before can I ask why you want to see that ?

Perhaps they new to THS and don’t realise that as THS sitters we have already been ID checked ?
Is it because I will be driving their car ? in which case I’d be understanding of the need to provide them with my relevant details.

Are there other aspects of the video call that make it feel more like a job interview than a mutual chat ?


@Stellaluna this has come up before with a variety of responses.

Unless a thsitter opened up a piece of mail, they would not be able to get any more personal info of ours beyond our full name and address.

But going into a sit and after, the home host only has a sitter’s first name.

I fully encourage open candid communication, so I would be asking them why they feel they need this beyond THS’ and reviews.
Then I would decide if I wanted to play or not.

So for me as a thsitter, I would be ok showing my ID to a host UPON MY ARRIVAL, not over a video chat but also not giving a “permanent” copy, which would include my lic #, DOB.

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Never happened to me. Are they offering use of their car? If so this is the least I would expect to hand over to them.
If not and it’s just a sit I don’t see why they can’t have my details but don’t need a picture of my license for this. I guess it’s up to you how comfortable you are with this.

If I am driving an owners car, I expect them to ask for it and I willingly provide it. If I’m not driving their car, then I don’t.
I’ve done over 30 sits since 2017 and have been asked to show a copy of my passport twice when I arrive to confirm my identity. I don’t know if it was because I was coming from another country, but I had no problem doing so. I am also asked occasionally to show my passport to confirm my identity when I’m making in store purchases, so for me, it’s normal. I wouldn’t offer them a copy of my passport though, THS has this if it’s ever really needed in an emergency.


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Yes, only once in 5 years of sitting.

Showed my DL to HomeOwner on a Whatsapp video call. It has my full name and address as proof of my identity. This info isnt shown anywhere else on here. A small step in gaining trust, dont you think?

If you refuse, what might the HomeOwner think?

I regularly drive to visit HomeOwners in person. Especially for nervous first time THS members who have never had a stranger in their house for pet care. A two hour chat over coffee is typical.

I even had one HomeOwner come visit me while I was on a house sit. She wanted to see how my house keeping was! Ok, I have nothing to hide.

Good luck.

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There’s no requirement to show your license or any other form of ID to hosts, as far as THS terms go. It’s up to you and your comfort level, depending on what the host might be offering and what you think that’s worth.

Bigger picture, there are way more sits than sitters and many sits are easily interchangeable. And few hosts ask for ID, because they believe in the ethos of the site and extend trust. Because few hosts ask, it’s easy to skip the ones who aren’t trusting.

I’m very wary about what people do with my personal data, particularly in this case where I can’t see what a HO would gain from it. I’d personally take it as a screaming red flag and move on.

I’ve done 35 sits so far and have my next 8 scheduled. I’ve never been asked for ID.

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Now that, I would have a problem with.

I live on a sit like at my own place. Often my tables, kitchen counters etc get cluttered with dishes and mugs that I may use again and other stuff.

No host has asked for any ID, except once in connection with their car.

Edit: So this was a different HO coming to look at your sit??

I was unsure how she would look at the bathroom. I had my usual toiletries, shaver, soap, toothbrush etc all out on the counter top in the Guest bath. But the usual sanitary decor of a woman hides EVERYTHING out of sight, like a magazine photo shoot. Just too much work for me every day.

The two women Owners talked with each other on the phone as part of this referral interview process. They must have comforted each other. Both were single senior women living alone. I ended up sitting for both of them for two years on 4 month long sits. Repeat sit coming up this summer too.


Thank you everyone for your thoughtful responses. I have my own car, and was not required to transport dogs in my vehicle. Request for DL was for security (reassurance), although I understood motivation & it was requested respectfully… I was also concerned about my own privacy and safety. I’m still fairly new to this community, and learning norms, navigating boundaries and expectations. Appreciate everyone’s perspective and feedback.


So you gave the address of your current sit to the HO you were interested in sitting for so they could come over and walk through the current HO private residence to evaluate your “housekeeping” skills? Please tell me I’m misunderstanding because I hope you did not give the current sit address to someone you just chatted with and did not know very well.


Yes, correct.

I am a man, 63.

I gave a ~70yr old recently widowed woman my Current house sit address for a visit.

I also asked the Current Homeowner if she would talk with her on the phone.

Both women were fully aware of this extended interview process. Both were first time House Sit Owners considering having me, an unknown man, live in their home for a 4 months period.

To follow up, I visited the widow in her own home with her long time male friend. It took a total of four visits there, two hours each, before she Confirmed the Sit.

Whew! Why would I do so much work?

To build trust.

This widowed senior woman has travelled 2-4 months every year for the past 18 years. She is planning extensive trips 3 years ahead to 2026.

Her home is a beautiful interior-designer renovated modern rancher on 25 acres of forest with a creek and pond. As a “Trusted House Sitter”, I can live there for Free in exchange for doggie care (German Sheppard was late husbands pet). Pic below of the house, booked 3 mths summer 2024.

To be honest, I have not found any other housing, travel, or living arrangement with so many advantages to me with such little cost. We both benefit.

I just sold my own home March 1st. I am debt free, retired, and a Full Time House Sitting Nomad. I like to help people out.

Life is Wonderful, isn’t it?