Can I ask the sitter for identification (passport)?

First timer here!
I am expecting my sitter to arrive in about 10 days. Is it ok for me to ask to see her passport? Maybe even make a copy of it? I don’t want to offend but also want to be responsible with leaving my house and everything in it with a total stranger.
Can you please advise?
Thank you so much!
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Hello @MizzBee and welcome to the community! Yours is a very valid question that has been discussed before here in the forum with various outcomes. Some sitters are happy to provide their passport details while others not, for security and trust reasons.

The most important thing though is to know that trust is key to TrustedHousesitters and that is built in a number of ways. Most relevant to you as a new owner member is that EVERY sitter has to now undergo a mandatory ID check wherever they are in the world (plus a CBC check if registered in the USA). There is also a comprehensive reference/review system to help you learn more about your sitter and her previous experience, and of course the important thing you’ll often hear many of us talk about… that of gut feelings when talking to your applicants either through messages or better still on the phone or via a video chat.

Here’s some more information on this:

But importantly your sitter will already have submitted her passport or another form of credible ID.

I hope that helps reassure you.
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Hi @MizzBee as you’ve mentioned passport (which not everyone has), I’m guessing that perhaps your sitter is coming from another country. If I am flying to a sit, I forward my flight confirmation to the owners as soon as I receive it. If there are any changes to my flights, no matter how minor, I forward those too. I would hope that would be sufficient to ease an owner’s concerns. That, along with all the validation from the THS membership process, I feel should be sufficient.

If an owner would want more than that from me, then I’d want to know why. It would tell me that we have not reached the level of mutual trust that we both should get. In addition, I feel you should disclose that intended requirement with a sitter before the sit is confirmed, not after the fact. All requirements should be known for everyone beforehand.


I ask myself what one can do with this information?
We expect sitters from the US in 12 days. Not only is their identity verified by THS, they are currently already in the EU and would not have been able to travel here without passport.
They look the same as the people who applied and those I had a video chat with. So what would I gain by seeing their IDs? Just curious.


We have been asked a couple of times to provide copies of our IDs, but usually with sits through Facebook or other platforms. THS provides ID checks, this is a major reason why people are paying for and prefer to use this system over others (there are plenty).


All the responses here have eased my concerns. Thank you!