Can I ask the sitter for identification (passport)?

:+1: I would totally present my passport. I have nothing to hide. I am a native New Yorker and we distrust EVERYONE. Lol. You can never be too safe. :wink:

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Hi @meshellguz. Welcome to the forum. I agree, I would be happy to show my passport, just not have it imaged/copied. I worked in cybersecurity and agree, you can never be too safe.

A native New Yorker? Lucky you! We were there for two months last spring (1 month in Williamsburg, 1 in Manhattan) and loved every minute of it. There are so many great neighborhoods, each with its own feel.

I’ve often wondered, do people in NYC tend to stay in the same neighborhoods they grew up in, or do they tend to move around?

We tend to stay in the neighborhood we grew up in! I was born & raised in Washington Heights and this is where I will stay.

Thanks for the tip on not taking photos of my passport. Duly noted!

Thanks again for this lovely forum! :heart::heart::heart:


Before I went to NYC I listened to all the stories about New Yorkies being unfriendly, dour, difficult to talk to etc. it’s all lies. I can honestly say we were met with the friendliest, kindest people ever. Even the people at the train stations and on the underground were so helpful. I love the city, the people, the whole attitude. Viva NYC.


That has been our experience, too, each time we’ve visited. Great people with wonderful senses of humor.

Thank you so much Elsie!! We really are. We just don’t show the best face forward all the time. This city is brutal & relentless. Unless you were born & raised here, you can’t really value it for what it is. It is the mecca for the entire world!!!

I love it soooooooo much! My mom still lives in the same Apt I grew up in. Lol. She has been in the city for 45 years! God bless her soul. I am so happy she decided to stay. She had no choice, but it was for the best.

Every native New Yorker is uber friendly, we have dealt with the whole world since birth. Lol.

NYC is truly a melting pot. Queens has 134 countries living there alone!!! Based on the 2010 census! Food for thought. It is the most diverse place in America!!

Die hard NYC fan. Lol. :statue_of_liberty::statue_of_liberty::statue_of_liberty:

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Born and raised (23 years)left as soon as I could never to return only if no other option.

Not my vibe ever.

Green acres any day every time
And yeah people stay put like forever.

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Lokstar, thank you for your long and considered response.

Can I say I am normally a very trusting person, some would say too trusting. We do have long chats with prospective sitters and I do ask questions but find it difficult to ask outright what their last name is and by the way can I have your address, even before we have said yes to them.

Can I also say we are not newbies and have had 16 sitters over the last 6 years and I count at least 7 of them as still friends either Christmas card list or on Facebook or still contact for chats.

However, one thing you are overlooking is that not everyone is as honest as you.

Finally, we would really put people off if we were to interrogate them in the early stages, and yes, I do want to trust people but it is a big chance we take letting strangers into our home, vetted or not. What good is vetting if no help is available when things go wrong.


@frenchlife it sounds like you may (perhaps?) have had a negative sitter experience & your trust has been abused- I’m sorry if that’s the case- Its unlucky and can happen to any of us. I do think, though, that the vast majority of sitters are honest and trustworthy (I would certainly like to think so!)
We, as sitters, have also had less than desirable experiences. We too have experienced dishonesty on the part of hosts (e.g extreme behaviour of pets not disclosed)or simply lack of respect from them(e.g presenting a dirty home where no effort has been made & the listing pics show something different…) its tricky. We once had to get THS involved to mediate a difficult Sit…

I’m really glad to hear you’ve had so many great sitter experiences too! If we were your sitters we would endeavor to add ourselves to your list of great sitters!:blush: But we still would not be able to provide you a home address -as full time nomads or consistent ID as we have 2+ names!
But… at the end of the day its important that you do whatever you need to do to feel comfortable that you have chosen the right sitters. Its a learning curve for sure! We are much more discerning these days- just from our own experience! Also beyond personal contact with a host we also now scrutinise previous sitters feedback and reviews (or lack of) to make sure everything fits! At the end of the day all hosts and all sitters want to have a positive and memorable experience! :blush:


Lokstar, just as you have been let down by owner we have been let down by sitters. I gave more info but admin wouldn’t publish. Our last sitters were ‘nomads’ and the best ever. Let’s just end this by saying overall our THS experiences have been some of the best and given us the chance to meet so many wonderful people we would never have met. The good has far outweighed a couple of bad.


@frenchlife The admins are very effective at ‘moderating’ :woozy_face: I get carried carried away sometimes & get ‘moderated’ too!!
I’ve just taken a look at your listing and it looks delightful! So I’ll keep an eye on your listing for future dates!
Happy travels! :blush: