Would you sit for 3 weeks in a slightly remote location?

Some friends are going for a three-week trip and considering joining TH to find find a sitter for two little dogs, but they live 50 minute drive outside Washington DC. A lovely house with woods and land, but fairly isolated. You need to drive everywhere and we’re not sure anyone would want to stay that long. Perfect place if you want to hunker down in nature and finish your novel/thesis, butut would many people be interested in that kind of sit?


That sounds like a lovely location! Some people prefer city sits with all the amenities but there are plenty of sitters like me who like to get off the beaten path and enjoy some peace and quiet in nature. I’m sure it’s the perfect fit for someone.

I like both a city sit and a remote sit so it would be appealing to me.

Provided there is fast and reliable wifi (I work remotely), it would also appeal to me.

Personally, I would love this kind of sit. My experience also tells me that at least in Europe those places are often very popular for sitters (usually at least 4-7 applicants). The least popular sits are probably those in villages and small towns that are neither very urban nor have a lot of nature to offer.

Absolutely. We have done a similar sit previously and have another sit lined up later this year with the same remoteness.

Excellent opportunity to relax, enjoy nature, and enjoy the peace and quiet.

@victoriamck sounds lovely and very appealing to us :slightly_smiling_face:

That sort of sit is right up my alley. It is easy to assume most people prefer more ‘touristic’ urban locations close to everything , with lots of activities and the like, but that is definitely not true, especially of people who housesit full time or very frequently. My husband and I are big homebodies, love peace and quiet and like being in areas surrounded by nature. We would choose a sit like that over one in the middle of a city any day.

Definitely. Sounds perfect for us as long as there are lots of walk roundabout.

Absolutely… I’d echo everyone else. Many of the sits we looked for, particularly when we started out, were remote sits, because we were looking for unique and different experiences. Getting away from it all is a big priority for many :slight_smile:

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I always think there is a sit for everyone! I’m sure this sit would appeal to many people but not me. I’ve often seen sits in gorgeous waterfront homes surrounded by nature but that wouldn’t be my type of sit. I love the hub bub of a city. We did a sit on a beautiful Caribbean island one year. It was in a gorgeous ocean view villa where we had the entire beach to ourselves as it was off season. We were there for ten days but by the end of it I was ready to leave as we never met any other people - there was no tourists around and I longed to get back to the business of where I lived!


Rural sits are my preference.

I’m a big homebody as well, but I choose the urban areas because I don’t know how to drive, not because I like tourist activities. I need things like trains, buses, and grocery stores to be within walking distance.