Your New Look TrustedHousesitters

Designed for pet lovers, by pet lovers, we’ve refreshed our brand so that it better speaks to you, our pet loving community. You’ll start to notice some new colours, fonts and images across our website and social channels, and our messaging will better reflect that our pets are at the heart of everything we all do. Read more about what’s changing here:

And who’s already spotted our fabulous new logo here on the forum?

We know many of you have been with TrustedHousesitters for a long time, some back when it all began in 2010… but can you remember the original logo?

Take a look at our video to see how TrustedHousesitters has evolved through the years and made wonderful memories for us all!


Great new logo :dog: I love it


Thank-you for the positive feedback! It’s really cool isn’t it, especially the animation :slight_smile: Have a lovely weekend!

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AGGGH - I noticed earlier that the icon on my favourite website list’s - for the forum, had changed - now the one for the THS website changed, to the same thing… :disappointed:

You have always said that the THS site and the forum are on different platforms and cannot be linked - so they need different icons - confusing otherwise.

Love the new logo! Thank you, TrustedHousesitters Community!


Where are you seeing that Peter? How did they differ before? I’m wondering if there were more than one favicon in circulation and now with the change of logo they’ve possibly been standardised - just a guess. If you can screenshot an example, we’ll feed that back for you.

@Vanessa-Admin I use google chrome, and along the top of the page I have a number of icons - favicon is that what they are called - and I think one was paws and one was a house? until yesterday. Now both the same. just a bit annoying, and good housekeeping if different. One is the website, the other the forum.

the picture has come out sideways but you get the idea.


Thanks Peter… we’ll pass this on to the team on monday. Have a good weekend.

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Sometimes I really wonder about website designers! LOL

They could just reverse the colors out on them, I -as a graphic designer myself- could happily lose the “eyes” tbh!