Zoomies - Does Your Dog Have Them & What Are They?


Zoomies (or the zoomies) is a slang term for a sudden burst of hyperactivity by a dog, cat, or other animal—such as rapidly running back and forth or in circles. The term is typically applied to pets, as opposed to wild animals.

The term is often used in phrases like get the zoomies or have the zoomies, as in Rex had the zoomies at the dog park and got all the other dogs riled up.

Zoomies is an informal term. One technical term for such bursts of activity is Frenetic Random Activity Periods (abbreviated as FRAPs).

Example: My dog always seems to get the zoomies when I come home from work and starts bouncing off the furniture.

Source: https://www.dictionary.com


It’s the cat I’m presently looking after who gets the zoomies in the evening - a common time I’ve found for both dogs and cats!


I’ve also heard it used in Australia as “do” zoomies - I can clearly see cats zoom up and down the stairs multiple times :rofl:


My black lab Harry used to do this. We had an old Cornish farmhouse at the time with two staircases and he’d run the length of the property up and down the stairs round and around, bouncing off the sofa. I just used to stand still wherever I happened to be as I’m sure he’d have sent me flying if I’d got in the way :slight_smile: He grew out of it eventually as he aged and it wasn’t for lack of exercise but maybe endless energy!! We’ve done a few sits where both cats and dogs have definitely enjoyed “zoomie” moments !! Always brings a smile to my face as they just look like they are having SO much fun!!


All the animal’s I’ve ever had have been seen to have the zoomies from time to time, this includes dogs, cats, horses (usually foals and younger horses), Guinea pigs and ferrets! Love watching them :grin:


@Vanessa-PartnershipsMgr I relate as our little girl Sassy, did the exact same thing. She would run the yard doing figure eights for as long as she could hold out. She would run to the backyard, around the house, around the big tree by the driveway and around any cars in the driveway. It would really make us laugh as we knew she was just showing her excitement of us coming home to her.


Our Samoyed, Wendy, would get so excited if we left a large bucket of water in the backyard. She would splash the water with either her nose or paw, then run around the perimeter of the yard again, and again and again. Once the bucket was empty she would come find one of us to refill it for her (She knew how to open the porch door latch, smart lass.) She loved zooming around the yard, and we loved watching her do it.


Three guaranteed Zoomie times for my dog, Shula 1) right after a bath 2) as soon as her feet hit the sand on the beach 3) when her little friend Cooper comes over to play. Love watching her total joy and complete abandonment.