10 best places to live in the world

This is not MY list, but I am proud that 3 of the 10 places are in Canada. :canada: I have no doubt that many people would disagree with this list. Remember, it’s best places to live, not necessarily where to travel to or visit. For those of us not drawn to city life, I’m sure we’d have a very different list. :slightly_smiling_face:


I’m always a bit sceptical about these lists, always checking where and when it was published then having a google search to see what others say.
This list actually matches most others. Having only had snatches of life here in Canada I’m not surprised it comes out top in the list of the best country to live in and I’m so looking forward to seeing the cities mentioned on this list.
Can you tell I’m a fan of Canada?


I have lived in many countries in the world and have travelled as a career. However, I have to say that whenever asked where my favourite place to live was - although there have been pros and cons of everywhere and some fabulous experiences along the way - I always say Montreal. I lived there as a student (a long time ago now!) It really had everything and remains, to this day, a highlight of my life. I haven’t lived in the other Canadian cities mentioned on the list, though.

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Thank you for sharing @Snowbird … I also have that red & white flag in my signature :wink: :clap: :canada:

There’s only one thing to say… :smiley: :australia:


I feel very fortunate to live in one the cities on the list - Vancouver, B.C. and I love it and feel so privileged to live here despite travelling to many other wonderful cities in the world.


@Globetrotter we will be making our first trip to Vancouver in the fall. I have family that lives in the area, and we’ve booked a sit during our time there. Very much looking forward to exploring BC.


And remember, British Columbia is a huge province and so many gorgeous areas to visit. The Okanagan and the Kootenays are two such regions. Breath taking scenery. We lived in the BC interior for 30+ years and now are enjoying retirement in another spectacular province of Nova Scotia.


Thanks for your insight @DMJ. I haven’t been to Nova Scotia since I was a teenager-it’s definitely a place I’d like to return. We will briefly be on the east coast, before heading to the west coast…so many places to see!!!

Vancouver was no.1 a few years ago….

Sounds awesome - what area are you sitting?

We will be near Richmond.

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Just come back from a 2 week sit just outside Copenhagen. I loved Copenhagen. Fully recommend it as the people are friendly, many speak great English and the transport is great. Only downside is that eating or drink in restaurants and bars is expensive.

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You don’t think Melbourne should be on the list lol?

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Haha. No, it’s just that Queensland is a better place to live than cold Melbourne. There’s a reason they all want to come to Qld for their holidays :slight_smile:

When the ‘cold snap’ hits they run north. :laughing:

That’s the beauty of housesitting. We don’t have to eat out :smiley:

That’s great - not too far from downtown - enjoy your time!

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I grew up in Richmond.

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My brother and his wife’s entire family live in Richmond. We are excited to have plans to be there over the holiday season.

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