Top Ten Cities from 2023?

Did the Top Ten Cities for Sitting in 2023 get posted somewhere or sent in an email? Last year it did and I was very surprised that my city (Portland, OR) was number 3. Really? More than San Francisco? And Berlin?? So curious where my city stands now!

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Hello @sweez_pdx

I shared this with the Marketing Team and they are so glad that you enjoyed it and found your home city in 3rd place!

The team ran slightly different stats and updates this year for their end-of-year roundup. However, they were happy to have a look at 2023 stats and I can share the top ten cities to go pet sitting in 2023 were:

  1. London
  2. Seattle
  3. Portland
  4. San Francisco
  5. Denver
  6. Austin
  7. Melbourne
  8. Brooklyn
  9. Sydney
  10. Berlin

Portland holds strong in 3rd place again! It’s obviously a popular location to sit in and I hear the food is amazing :slight_smile:


My hometown is #4 and being one of the most visited cities in the world I get it. Portland is becoming increasingly popular and somewhat of a mini San Francisco. I’ve done repeat sits there, although glad I’m not there now with recent ice storms. The west coast of the states has a lot to offer. From mountains to ocean, to eclectic dining and unique ambience I can see why they’re up there in the top.

Portland is famous for it’s food trucks. Also the Oregon Coast is absolutely amazing and being close to the cascades and Mt
Hood is a plus! It’s a bit of a mini San Francisco yet with distinct seasons.

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I’ve lived in Portland, Seattle and San Francisco, and have visited all the others, except for Berlin. I can understand why they’re all on the list.


When I was house-free and traveling/working remotely, there were always a lot of Portland- and Seattle-area sits. I figure at least part of it is because HOs need breaks from the rain/dark. Also, it seems that people in the PNW generally are more likely to travel (and for longer) than other US-based people.


@Carla This is awesome, thanks for doing the updated list! Same cities, slightly different order.

As a long time Portland resident, I’m still a little baffled to see tourists. For so long, we were a backwater (and I kinda liked that way!). If it weren’t for that dang Porrtlandia tv show, we’d still be under the radar! (Just kidding :slight_smile: I’m glad so many people enjoy coming here. How can they not, we have Powells Books!

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One of our very first house sits when we joined eight years ago was in San Francisco - absolutely loved it!


I’m really surprised that my city Vancouver isn’t on the list! The house sits there always seem to get snapped up very quickly.


What part of the city was the sit?

Yes, that surprises me too!

@Carla Because I’m a geek, would your team be willing to do the next ten cities in the list? I love data such as this! (@Globetrotter I’ll bet Vancouver is #11!)


As I expected and not surprised USA has the majority.

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@ziggy Why do you think that is? I would’ve thought Britain and Europe would’ve had the majority because it’s so much easier to get around and places are closer together (and Trusted House Sitters is based there :smile:)

It was in the financial district. It was a great location within walking distance to shops, etc. I found a karaoke place I loved called “The Mint Karaoke” lounge.

Hello @sweez_pdx You are most welcome. I asked the team to re-run the report from 2022 just with last year’s figures and the report was set up for the top ten. I can ask if they can extend it for you, but I can’t promise anything. I will let you know if we can see a few more cities that are on the list! :smiling_face:

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People tend to travel a fair bit and a lot of pets.

Wow! Right in the thick of things. I’ve lived in the outer Richmond, outer Sunset and the Haight. I also lived a bit in the Soma not far from the financial district.

Yes I definitely felt we were in the heart of the city. It was one of our first house sits shortly after joining THS eight years ago.