Portugal insights?

We haven’t decided where next once things open for Canadians to travel, but we have been putting serious thought to Portugal as a (re)starting point. Since we’re nomadic but need to deal with Schengen visa limitations, we’re even considering residency there so we have more freedom to travel Europe. All speculation at this point, but we would love to hear about your experiences–house sitting, favourite locales, challenges–whatever you’d be willing to share.


We know a few TrustedHousesitters members who have moved to Portugal and taken residency… hopefully some of them will be on the forum and can give you some feedback. I know they are like us and see a future in house sitting across Europe for a while as an alternative to the continual international travel we’ve been used to. I will follow this with interest too as it is a country neither of us have visited in Europe and was on the list to spend time in had things not changed last year. It’s good to speculate… it’s a form of action, and as we’ve found can lead to the most unexpected outcomes :slight_smile:


Hi there,

We did a road trip through Portugal and wrote a post about our favourite places. It may give you some inspiration :slight_smile: Campervanning in Portugal: Your Ultimate Guide - Lifejourney4two


Thank you, @lifejourney4two, I’ll definitely check that out!


This might provide some more information about Portugal too from other THS members and full time travellers at AboveUsOnlySkies… they spent time in Portugal last year and wrote 4 insightful articles on their stay there:

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Thank you, Vanessa. I will definitely add Above Us Only Skies to my resource list!


I’m here in Portugal housesitting. I’ll be in Porto for three weeks in Aug 2021 then 3 week in the Algarve and a month long sit up near the Estrella mountains in October.

@lifephasenext Let me know if there is anything I can help you with :slight_smile:


Thank you very much, @Luise. We’ll defintely check in when we start planning. Your sits sound lovely.