2020 - Let's Accentuate The Positive!

2020 the year that changed the world and changed all of our lives … but in spite of these unprecedented and challenging times we heard stories of hope, witnessed acts of kindness and shared in moments of happiness from a community built on generosity of spirit and kind and the love of pets, people and places.

So let’s say goodbye to this year of years in style and with a smile, sharing personal moments of happiness from 2020 … it could be anything, a sit that saved the day, a pet who taught you to live in the moment, an unexpected act of kindness, an unlikely friendship that will last a lifetime …

Tomorrow night join us in raising a glass or two for new and better tomorrows in 2021, and to send a “We’re thinking of you” message to those who have not been so fortunate …


Hear hear, Angela. We have been so fortunate in 2020 - got back from a big trip to South Africa just before lockdown, stayed well, lots of walks on our home doorstep, even managed a couple of housesits in the summer. Christmas was spent in Falmouth - see below for the sun kissed beach the morning after Storm Bella - fabulous. Now safely back home and dog sitting my little local boy - also see below for a simple pleasure that makes me really happy.
I count my blessings but to all of those, who have maybe not fared so well, I say “remember, this too will pass” and send you my warmest wishes for better things in 2021.


Given the horrors of what others are going through, we are so very grateful to have our health, home, family and a few wonderful housesit within driving distance of our home. Wishing everyone a better 2021. I am feeling a bit guilty while enjoying a beautiful housesit in Hilton Head SC [US) with adorable pups, lovely homeowners and uncrowded beaches!
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I had a good start to the year, NY on Bali, then Kuala Lumpur and Hongkong in January, Singapore and Jakarta in February and early March back in Malaysia before crossing back into Singapore on the 16th of March, planning to go to Thailand on the 18th - but all the borders closed on the 17th or 18th in SE Asia, so got stuck in Singapore for 3 months.
Initially it was almost business as usual, then after a couple of weeks lockdown, or Circuit Breaker as they called it.
You were allowed out each day to exercise, so I started walking for an hour everymorning, and again in the evening - eventually covering about 12 or 13km a day. I lost 2 stone !!
I have kept up the walking at home in Scotland and have managed to keep off the pounds, so I suppose my positive from all this is to be a bit more healthy!!


I have been lucky : i made alone a (short) sit in Guernsey,with charming owners, their cute dog in february, then with my husband I spent 3 weeks in Kent in august to look after 2 cats, with again charming owners (met in France on their way to their second home). We all thought our plans would be cancelled, but in the end we escaped both lock down and quarantine. Then this december, 9 days in France. Alone.

2 sits cancelled for sure, but some lovely sitters -an irish-french couple- who came home to look after our cat and puppy last summer. So good experiences.

And as we have a nice home with garden, I recognize we did not suffer much of lockdown. Our next door neighbours being kind and have done shopping for us at the beginning of lockdown, both my husband and I faced surgery !! Being retired, in our seventies, we are suppposed to be “vulnerable” persons !!


Love your story.