Hello from Oregon!

Hello all you wonderful people and pets! We’ve missed you!

This is a great idea, THS… I know we’ve all missed connecting this past year, and we’re not the only ones looking forward to seeing more new places and faces (human and otherwise)! We’ve been hunkered down at our home base in Amity, Oregon (that’s Oregon wine country) for most of 2020, then at a six-month sit for friends in Bend, Oregon.

I know we’ve all experienced this last year in radically different ways… we spent much of this down time working on heart-projects, and we’re hoping we can look back on 2020 as a reset.

Did any of you start new things this last year? (Or, did you end old things??)

Either way, I hope you are all well! Let’s raise a glass to better days ahead!



Welcome Sally Kennedy :wave:

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Hi @SallyKennedy warm community greetings to you, welcome to the forum. So glad that you have joined us from the Upper Pacific Northwest. OR is truly beautiful, my heart home is Vancouver Canada, second is Bainbridge Island and Cannon Beach.

Starting new things? I’m sure there are many of our members who have done just that, for me it was starting life as a new Grandma, not really a project but certainly a matter of the heart …

WE are all missing our pets, people and places and hoping it wont be too long before we get back to living the pet sitting lifestyle we’ve come to love.

Thank you Sally.

Angela & The Team

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