Hello from the Netherlands

On this sad day our condolences to Great Britain on the death of Prince Philip. Really the end of an era.
We are Ron & Sheila, both Dutch and now both retired. We were looking forward to doing more housesits in our retirement. We had 5 housesits planned for 2020. Well, Covid-19 put an end to that. So far we have managed to avoid the disease, really looking forward to getting the vaccine hopefully at the end of April. Making the most of our time and our hobbies like baking bread, gardening and so on we live a private snug life.
The new normal consists of travel by youtube and virtual interaction with faraway family and friends.


Thank you for your kind words and thoughts Ron & Sheila, it is a very sad day.

Welcome to our community forum, a private snug life sounds idyllic during a pandemic, we are so glad you have remained safe and well.

Baking and gardening wonderful hobbies to have and many others found a new hobby in baking, in fact it was very difficult to buy flour here in the UK at one time.

We are all looking forward to traveling again, missing our pets people and places we hope 2021 will se you sitting again.

Thank you for joining our amazing community.

Angela & The Team

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Welcome Dutchpetsitters
Indeed a very sad day


Hello Ron and Sheila.

You are not alone :grinning:

My wife and I live in Meijel ( Nord Limburg) I am English and my wife is Dutch

Breaking out of lock down still seems some way away!

Gr Paul


Hello Paul, welcome to the forum, thank you for joining us from the Netherlands and wonderful that you have already met “neighbors” Enjoy the conversations and connecting with members from around the world.

We are all looking to “break out” as soon as we possibly can.

Thank you again.

Angela and the Team

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Thank you, Paul. We love Limburg too. We always have 1 housesit in Leveroy and we visit Maastricht yearly. Also, we have more family in Beegden.

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Thank you Angela & the Team.

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Thank you Windtalker.

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Hello Ron and Sheila, Your ‘new normal’ sounds much like ours here in Interior Alaska. We visit often with family and friends virtually but miss our family (especially grandchildren) on the other side of the country. We’re both vaccinated and so is our family there so hope to see them soon. Gardening and baking sound like our lives as well as finishing a kitchen renovation for a friend who took ill a while back. Nice to ‘meet’ you.


Alaska seems a very beautiful and awe inspiring place. Hope you and your family stay well and can hug them all.

Glad to tell that husband and I are fully vaccinated and looking for houses it’s again. Of course only if the travel advisory has changed. But still.


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Hello Sheila,
Yes, Alaska is a beautiful place and we’ve enjoyed living here since 1975. Hurray for vaccines and vaccinations. We’ve done some local sits since our vaccinations but haven’t gone out of the state yet. We are planning to travel to several of the other states, especially to see our oldest son and family as they welcome a new child!
Joy to you in all your travels and sits! Hope all goes well.

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