Hello from Punta Gorda Florida

I have been a member doing sits since 2015. I have had wonderful sits in Europe and across the US. Have been home for nearly 2.5 years now as I had cancer and was undergoing treatment and then covid hit. Now I am vaccinated, and in remission from cancer and ready to go again. My spouse sometimes goes with me and sometimes I go on my own ,and right now she is doing a sit in her home town of Fort Worth in order to be able to visit her family. What a great organization this is.


Welcome paulinekein :wave:

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Hi @paulineklein welcome to our community forum and what wonderful news that you are ready to “go again” and that your days away from a pet and housesitting lifestyle are now in the rear view mirror.

Thank you both for being part of our amazing community and we look forward to getting to know you better and sharing in some wonderful, new pet sitting adventures.

Angela & The Team

Welcome @paulineklein ! Great to have you here :slight_smile:

Congrats on your remission and vaccination!!! :partying_face: We hope that 2021 brings you travel and joy!

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Welcome Pauline, stay safe. This forum is so nice, good to chat with people when you can’t meet any (we are with a heavy curfew again in France)

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Someday I hope to get a sit in france.

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