Hello from Ontario

My name is Lilli and I joined ‘trusted housesitters’ last late winter. 2020 would have been the first time in 6 years that we could have taken a vacation. We have a small farm, some pet animals and beautiful garden - flowers and veggies. We found a nice couple that would farm sit for us…and them came Covid. We don’t expect to have a change to go back to the UK this year (husband is British) but we desperately hope that we have a chance to do that next year…


Hi Lilli, fellow Canadian! Welcome to our community forum, love your Canadagoose “handle” thank you for joining our community and now the forum we hope you enjoy the conversations and connecting with other members. We hope you manage to get to the UK and before that perhaps take some domestic trips there will be sitters eager to get back to pet sitting especially in the Ontario countryside.

Thank you for being part of our amazing community.

Angela and the Team

Welcome Canadagoose :wave:

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Welcome Lilli! Great to have you on the forum!

Our fingers are crossed that you and your husband are able to make it back to the UK very soon! When the time comes, with so many great sitters on THS we’re sure you’ll find a perfect match :grinning:

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Bonjour ! and welcome from Québec :slight_smile:. Who knows, we may be your next sitter !

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Thank you very much for your kind words! :grinning:


Bonjour autre merci for your kind words! And that’s pretty much what I speak in French :wink: Oui, maybe you will be our next house sitter next year which would be great!


Bienvenue Lili, contente de voir quelqu’un d’autre que Brigitte et Angela parler français. Je ferai moins de fautes en écrivant dans ma languer

Le forum est très intéressant, les débats entre nous animés parfois, mais toujours courtois.

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