3 Back-to-backs, same place--how to post feedback

I’m currently finishing up what is technically a third sit but is actually one longer sit. The first was 4 days, one day off, then another 3 days, extended by another 4. IOW, the first was a separate sit. The HO had to leave again and planned for 3 days, then instead of just changing the dates, he scheduled the next few days as a separate sit, even though it was all run together.

So now I have three sits to rate, when it’s actually two–or really, one with a space stuck in there. I’m not quite sure how to post feedback: One post referring to all three? Three separate posts? Post feedback for the third and refer the other two to it?

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I would just do one review mentioning all 3.

I would probably just do one review that talks about all three. I would post it to the last review though so that the empty reviews show up after the review if a potential sitter is scrolling through.

You could also just copy and paste the merged review into all three dates so there are no empty reviews.


As @meow has suggested and what I have done in a similar situation, is copy and paste the same feedback for the three sits and suggest the owner does the same for you so that neither of you have blanks on your profiles @rosawoodsii.

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We had this happen in the UK. We asked the owner to write 1 review on 1 of the dates & then on the other 2 dates “refer to review on dd/mm/yyyy”. We did the same for our owner feedback.