A 100,000 Member Milestone!

We were off-line for a bit back in June while traveling, so I missed this great post!!! I can’t put into words how amazing it feels to be a member of this online and in person community. We’ve spoken about THS to anyone who will listen, and more often than not, they are complete strangers. Their eyes light up, and they get such a huge smile on their faces when we tell them of the sitting services offered and we describe our journeys, of the last 8 months. We sometimes can’t believe this is our life either :woman_shrugging:

Here’s to 100k and then 100k more :tada::confetti_ball::heart:


Thank you for sharing your kind words and expressing what being part of our caring community means to you Joanne, thank you for being part of our 100,000 milestone … we are so proud to have built a caring and connected community helping keep pets happy at home … and we will join you in your “toast” with a huge thank you to you and each and every member of our 100K strong community.

Angela and the Team