A bit worried

I applied for a sit with great reviews, locally over xmas stated in application like a video/call/visit. Was pleased to be accepted and invitation sent. Arranged via whatsapp to visit no date arranged. Accepted but have tried to contact since, WhatsApp read but not replied tried messenging on THS site post not read. Not sure what to do now

Edit: You can always contact Membership Services at:

Hi @Sarah22. Welcome to the forums. =)

Can you clarify with some dates and a little clarity on apply vs invite vs confirm? I’ll try to be specific:

  1. When does this sit start?
  2. When was the last time you send a message via TH site? Ditto for WhatsApp. Does it say when the WhatsApp was read?
  3. So you “applied” and were “invited” to sit, and you “confirmed” the sit? I.e., everything in this link? What date was this?
  1. You talked about visiting in person after confirming the sit, but before the sit starts? That’s unusual. Normally it’s done before the HO confirms you, or the day of/before.

Overall, I’d think a sit with “great reviews” should be fine and you just have to wait a little longer. Many people don’t check email over the weekend. The TH app also seems to have some recent messaging issues. Though WhatsApp should work.

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Hi @Sarah22 - just to be clear - Has the home host sent you an invitation to sit and did you accept that invitation so now on your dashboard it is showing as a confirmed sit?

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Hi Colin. Yes invitation sent and accepted on 19th November. Phone nos exchanged via THS and chatted on whatsapp and agreed to visit as they have horses ans wanted to go through routine. Felt comfortable at this stage. WhatsApp on 1st December to arrange visit post read next day and nothing since. THS same message sent and unread.

@Sarah22 , you definitely - need to speak to THS to see if they can contact them on your behalf. Maybe @Therese-Moderator can help out?

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Hi @Sarah22,

I am now closing this thread as the other members are correct in directing you to membership services. I have gone ahead and asked that they reach out to you as well. I hope you get this sorted out quickly.

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