A friendly hello from Northern Germany

Hi to the THS community! My name is Elke. My base is a little house about 40 km from Hamburg in a quiet area surrounded by forests. These days I am fixing up my garden, re-organizing photos, re-decorating the house, painting, reading a lot and getting ready to travel again. I am always productive and positive. Long before I joined Trusted Housesitters I have looked after pets and homes. I have lead an interesting, international life and lived in different countries.
Housesitting for THS is a great way to travel and meet new people.


Welcome Eyeswideopen :wave:

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Bonjour et Bienvenue from Quebec


I love to be organised, my hubby on the other hand is not
Everything i ask is in a minute love.
Have waited 2 yrs for a tank of gas for the bbq.
Am way ahead of him.
Its good to see someone like minded like yourself


Hi Elke, welcome to our community forum thank you for joining us from the forests of Germany, it sounds as though you have had a very busy and very productive stay at home time, a wonderful opportunity to catch up on all of those jobs we never quite got around to during normal travel times.

We hope your garden is not suffering from sudden extreme weather, France is not fairing so well.

Thank you again for joining us and enjoy connecting with other members from around the world.

Angela & The Team


Servus aus der anderen Ecke des Landes Elke :blush:

Nice to see more Germans on THS :paw_prints:


@Eyeswideopen welcome, nice to see you here. :grin:
Iā€™m in Bonnie Scotland.