Hi from the UK and Korea!

Hi all! We are Matt and Hyemin, from Nottingham, UK and Incheon, South Korea. We have been THS members for a year and a half now, and have completed 11 sits in 5 different countries.

After traveling around the world together for the last 6 years, house sitting is now our number one way to travel and we are enjoying it so much! We are currently house sitting in Greece and will be starting another one soon in Korea.

We are excited to be part of the house sitting community and we look forward to getting to know all our fellow sitters :slight_smile:

Happy sitting! :smiley:


Welcome @NoHassleTravel. Glad you’re here. Happy sitting to you too!


Hi Matt & Hyemin, welcome to our forum community, thank you for a great intro into your THS travel lifestyle adventure so far and we are so glad you discovered our global community. How long are you in Greece for and how wonderful that you will be sitting in Korea … will you be near family?

We are looking forward to sharing in our members stories and experiences more, the forum is a way to do that and a way to help members connect with one another.

Thank you again for joining.

Angela & The Team


Bonjour ! Et Bienvenue from Québec, Canada.


Nice to meet you @OnTheGlobalRoad! :slight_smile:

Hi @Angela-CommunityManager,

Thanks for the warm welcome :slight_smile:
We have spent 6 months in Greece last year and 2 months this year. We will be spending time with our families (after the 2-week self-isolation) and then explore this island called Jeju for a month.

We look forward to meeting all the fellow members here and share our experiences together :slight_smile:

Matt & Hyemin

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Hello @Brigitte, Nice to meet you! :slight_smile:


Welcome & Greetings to you both.
Kinda jealous you are travelling.
I managed to travel outside the city of Edinburgh for the first time since Dec on Friday. (16th April) just wasn’t allowed till then. overnight stay still not allowed but hopefully that will change soon.