A Hummingbird Saved - Thank you!

I’m currently on Bainbridge Island WA. It’s a beautiful day and as I stepped outside to take a photo to share here on the forum I saw a Hummingbird had flown into the screen door and was really in trouble, too much to recover and so I thought.

I carefully picked it up, held it close blew warm air into my hands, packed a bowl with tissues and cotton padding and placed in the garden in the sun.

Feeling sad and not daring to look I waited until my friend Cally came home to check on this little bird and YEAH!! it had flown away.

That has made my day, I hope you will have a similar moment of joy in yours. :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :bird:

Have you something to share?


lOVE this! yes, I always have something to share.

I was at a sit once where the cat came home with a woodpecker, head first in its mouth! When I approached, it dropped it and the not so little thing lay there, limp. I too felt it was over and proceeded to wrap it in a towel when suddenly it perked up, looked right at me. In a moment or so, it flew away!

But today, the little miss A-Dora-ble in my charge who I was told is not a lap cat did this.

of course I had to share it with HO :slight_smile: