Share Your Captivating Wildlife Photos

Hello everyone!

As animal lovers, we all share such an appreciation for all creatures great and small.

I’d like to ask our lovely members to share a wildlife photo they’ve taken, with the community. Maybe you encountered majestic predators on a safari, spotted a rare bird in your backyard, or stumbled upon a woodland creature deep in the forest… we want to see them all!

Let’s fill this space with the beauty of nature!

Get involved by sharing a wildlife photo that you have taken, and feel free to tell us more about the experience.

I thought I’d kick things off with this cute seal that lives with a few others near St Abb’s harbour in the Scottish Borders. I spotted him while on a trip with my French pen-pal last summer.

We’re looking forward to being mesmerised by your wildlife wonders!

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photostudio_1700150168798-01Here’s a few of my wildlife photography image’s . A wild mustang from last winter at Washoe Lake State Park in Reno ( i had a cat sit in Reno) then while on another cat sit ( repeat) in Monterey i tool advantage of my other passion whale watching. The humpback whale depicted was displaying a behavior known as Tail throwing and did it repeatedly, then finally a Coastal Alaskan Brown Bear in Sitka Alaska .


Wow @Catgoddess_99 these are beautiful! We’d love to see more if you’d like to share!


Australian Kookaburra on the back fence at my last housesit


I’ll be sure to share more later


This beautiful Brown Pelican joined me on the beach in Punta Cana in the Dominican Republic :dominican_republic:


Biggs Killer Whales last spring in Monterey bay, California. Killer Whales show up often more in April and May when the Gray Whales are migrating north back to Alaska from their winter breeding grounds in Baja. Killer Whales predate on Gray Whale calves. However they’re showing up more and more at different times of the year. So if you have a sit on the central coast in California head to Monterey and go out with Monterey Bay Whale Watching


Whales in Mexico, Blue-footed Boobie, and Elephant Seals and Sea Otters in California. I love seeing wildlife!

It was very exciting to see a whale while we kayaking! We met another couple who got swamped by a whale when they were paddling.


We’ve whale watched in Mexico. They seem to love having fun in the water. Even better if they have an audience.


Very cool!

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This is a photo I took of a Plumed Basilisk, also called a Green Basilisk and which also has the nickname the ‘Jesus Christ lizard’ because they can gather sufficient momentum to run across the water for a brief distance while holding most of their body out of the water. I took this photo whilst we were staying at Tabacón Thermal Resort & Spa in Costa Rica and my husband and I quite literally watched them run across the water.
Just incredible. :lizard: