May 2024 Forum Round -Up

May goodness, can you believe we’re only a few days away from summer? (At least here in the Northern Hemisphere!). And what a spring it’s been for our Community Forum, let’s reveal some of our recent favorite updates.

This time around, we have some awesome Aurora photos captured from all corners of the globe, alongside a couple of cheeky kangaroo encounters. Meanwhile, our forum member shout-outs are all about sharing some pet pearls of wisdom.

From the Trusted Team, we have an exciting update to share, as well as the paw-some re-launch of our Community Forum book club. It’s all been coming up roses this May!

Top pics

We’re sure you all heard about the Northern Lights, in fact, many of you probably either saw them with your own eyes or received a flurry of pics in group chats – which we’re sure made you feel bad you didn’t see them yourself (us included!).

Well, we still thought these pictures of the Northern Lights needed their own section, as they are truly impressive.

@temba showcased their photo of the Northern Lights in Tasmania.

@CatGoddess_99 shared a pic from San Francisco with the Golden Gate Bridge in the background.

Northern Lights aside, @Colin captured the moment a seagull helped themselves to breakfast while he was house sitting in Brighton, UK. “Where has all of the cat food gone?”, he says.

We also love @Kimshady ’s photos of kangaroos and cats, captured while on a house sit in Australia.

Must-read discussions

Did you know that you can post a meet-up on the forum to connect with other sitters and owners? Well, this is exactly what @Colin and @Catgoddess_99 did earlier this month and it seems to have set off a wave of activity across the UK (with @Colin at the center of it all!)

Forum member shout-outs

Of course, we have to shout out @Nagy26, who wrote a fantastic guide on what to avoid for a successful listing. We thought it was so fantastic, it ended up on the blog!

Our very own @Sam_F made it into a newspaper to share her wealth of experiences in house sitting! Check out her travel blog to follow along with her adventures:

@Bonnyinbrighton shared her equestrian knowledge with the community. Join the conversation and tell us about your horsey adventures!

What else has the community been discussing?

Toot toot your sitter horns

@HelloOutThere started May off with a paw-some thread all about people’s favorite positive reviews. There’s an excellent mixture of heartwarming and hilarious messages from members which will guarantee smiles and tail wags all-round.

Those little irritations

On the flip side, @fledermaus started a wonderfully weird and fabulously frustrating pet peeves discussion for sitters. The cathartic thread includes everything from almost-empty soap dispensers, full vacuum cleaners, not enough poop bags, to remote controls coming with their own Welcome Guide! If you need to get a few things off your chest, this is the thread for you.

Night owl or morning person?

This simple yet effective question was raised by @andrealovesanimals a few weeks ago. As a self-confessed morning person, this thread has certainly shown what a mixed bag our members are when it comes to morning (or afternoon) routines. So, what are you? A night owl or a morning person?

Check out the full May round-up here

If you would like to be featured in a forum spotlight like @Carla & @Cuttlefish please reach out the @Jenny or @Carla

Thank you to everyone who helped make May another great month on the forum :star_struck:

The Forum Team :smiling_face:


Thanks @Carla for this round up :purple_heart::paw_prints::black_cat::bird:‍:black_large_square:


Wow, seeing the northern lights from Tasmania, way down in the southern hemisphere, is quite the effort @temba :rofl:


I do believe I said it was Aurora Australis when I posted the pic @Crookie!!!