A Member's Housesitting Story - The Guardian

“The one I loved most was 10 days with two black cats in a stone cottage straight out of the film The Holiday, on a private estate near Marlborough in Wiltshire. Not only did we have the cats for company, horses on the gallops and red kites circling overhead, but a neighbour who took me to see a crop circle and taught me how to make crab apple jelly”

TrustedHousesitters member and travel writer Nicki Grihault


Thought this was a very good article. My only gripe was Nicki made getting sits easy after joining. Not the case for many including me when new.

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Thank you @richten1 it is a very balanced and authentic view of a pet and housesitting lifestyle.

The process is different for everyone, there are many different aspects at play so much depends on preparation, everything aligning and a little luck. It took me 2 months and numerous applications. I also know sitters who were successful on their very first application.

I have been looking after pets since 2014 . It took a little while to get the first sit. It was good advice to go somewhere you know, I went back to Norwich where I originally lived. I have looked after some lovely homes and pets. Lots of home owners have become friends and book their holidays around my availability. Don’t be too ambitious to start with, look at the photos and ask yourself if you would like to live there. Ask lots of questions about what is expected. If you are nearby offer to call in and meet the owners. I turn sits down where it is unrealistic for someone on their own to look after a menagerie of animals, cut lawns, look after holiday lets etc. Most sits are straightforward, need common sense and are very enjoyable

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