A minor functionality whine - Saved search & Viewing Sits

When I check my saved searches on the website, I click View Sits and then I have to scroll up to the top to see the top two sits. Seem like it should be a simple fix (from my non-website designer point of view :grinning:) for it to land at the top. It took awhile for me to realize there were two more sits above because I just assumed I was at the top of the page.

This is what I see if I click “View Sits” for my saved search in France. There are two sits available but none show up.

BUT, if I scroll up, I can see the two sits.

It’s not so obvious if there are three or more sits because at least one will show on the screen, although you may not realize you need to scroll up to see the other two.

ANYWAY, I know it’s not a big deal, but as someone who checks 8 saved searches, multiple times a day, it is annoying.

For tech purposes, I’m on Safari on a MacBook Air.


Yay…another Mac user! I’m not techie enough to know if that matters but just in case I’ve gone ahead and shared your details with our ‘product feedback’ team. As always, we appreciate your input.
Karen S

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Funny I had just been finding that quite annoying too, on an ipad.

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Yeah, I get that too, and it’s annoying.
Every time I do a search and the page loads, it loads as though I’ve already scrolled to the bottom… so every single time I have to scroll to the top to see the results.
It’s been that way for a while.

I’m on a windows laptop, using a chrome browser.

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