A Sleepless Night with Barking Dogs

Now it’s 3:20 AM, and I was woken up around 1 AM by the dog barking and haven’t been able to fall asleep again. It seems like there might be a mouse in the house? This might be because I noticed a mousetrap in the kitchen, and I did hear some noises that sounded like a mouse. Now the two dogs have fallen asleep, but I am still awake. :rofl:

I would wake the dogs, purely as an act of revenge :rofl:

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Take the dog into your bedroom and it will stop.

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Unless the animal is in the walls of the bedroom. I had a opossum get into the wall between my bedroom and bathroom once. I never heard it but my Cocker Spaniel would start barking at the wall at 4 in the morning. She was a little crazy anyways so i just ignored it at first until i actually heard it. I had to call Critter Ridder to cone trap it and take it away.

If i were OP, i’d inform the homeowners to see if this was usual behavior. If not they may need to some investigation.

Just checking in on you @CatloverForever - have you managed to catch up on your sleep at all?

This happens to us a few times on sits - we brought the dog beds into the bedroom with us and everyone slept peacefully.

Hopefully you’ve found a solution and managed to get some sleep by now


The host didn’t allow dog sleep in bedroom. Also the bedroom is extremely hot without air conditioner, so I actually also sleep in the couch during my stay.

Thank you asking. Actually, I didn’t sleep well that night. I only managed to fall asleep when it was already daylight. I felt sleepy the entire day. Thankfully, it only happened for one night.