A Special Hospital Wedding

Hi everyone it’s John again!

My first wife, Carol, was in hospital in the final stages of breast cancer. Our youngest son came to us with his fiancée to ask if they could bring their wedding forward. We agreed.

They managed to get a cancellation at the Registry office for Wednesday that week.

I asked the hospital vicar if we could have a service in the little chapel in the hospital. It was to be the first wedding service held there! My son in law offered to arrange a champagne buffet to be delivered to the ward.

The day arrived. I took a Laura Ashley dress in for her. The nurses dressed her and gave her a hat to wear - she was losing her hair by then.

She looked radiant, just like the young woman I married 33 years earlier.

My son and his bride arrived at the hospital. We put Carol in a wheelchair and wheeled her to the chapel. It was a very special service.

Our son and new daughter in law wheeled her back to the ward. The buffet lunch was waiting. It was the happiest ward in the hospital that day with champagne and sandwiches for all the patients and staff. Carol was exhausted after that.

She had seen her three children married and held her two grandchildren in her arms. I was to have another six grandchildren who would never know their grandmother…

A few days later the hospital rang at 7am…


Simply … Thank you John :pray:


What she said :heart:

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Very moving, John. You have such a big heart. :heart: