What is Love?

Hello everyone it’s John again!

When you meet someone who takes your breath away, your legs are wobbly and you are walking around in a daze.
She’s beautiful, exciting and alive! Your heart misses a beat if she’s not there. You want to hold her, care for her, to be her lover. That’s how I felt when I met Caroline.

We’d been married a year when I got Septicaemia due to getting a severe infection from being an undiagnosed type II diabetic. I spent 3 weeks in intensive care.

When I was in hospital Caroline said to her family that she had had the most fantastic year with John. She was prepared to let me go but ironically at that moment I started to recover and survived my ordeal.

So what is Love?

For Caroline and I it has always been effortless. Even when we argue there is a playful element, it never escalates.

Is love putting your partner before yourself?

Caroline was once given some advice by a happily married couple - “if you have given all the love you have, try to give a little more”. Difficult I know.

So in this season of Goodwill let’s all try to dig deeper, reach out further, forgive ourselves and others and love each other more.

We wish you all a very happy Christmas and New Year.

Warm regards



Thank you John for another lovely post helping to remind us what is important …

In the words of four young lads from Liverpool “All you need is love”

Have a wonderful Christmas and a very happy New Year …


Believe it or not, that is what is on my heart shaped pendant my son gave me many years ago.
Love is all you need on one side
All you need is Love on the other.

Absolute truth and the ground of my being.

Thank you @CarolineJohn1
A very joyous love filled holiday.

Barefoot and dancing in the kitchen.


What is love you ask?

Love means so many different things to so many different people.

For me, love is, waking up in the morning next to him. Eating breakfast together. Discussing the news headlines. Watching the sun rise. Sharing the days work. A simple text from one of my children. The arm around my shoulder. The look that says, I’m here. The grand children’s art work shared on a video call. The cup of tea made but not asked for. The eggs cooked on both sides. Bringing in the washing before the rain gets too heavy. The silent thank you. The snuggly cat. Turning up the heating. Turning down the air conditioning. The glass of water and pain killer after a heavy night out. The vacuum cleaner bag emptied. A Daisy. A zoom meeting with a distant friend. The reminiscing of days gone by and events yet to happen.

So many simple everyday things done for each other, done for family, done for friends…….that’s love.


Loved your post and as a dancer, the title grabbed me, recognizing one of my favorite songs and I got up and danced to “What is Love” by Haddoway! Thanks for sharing!


Hi beautiful reply and we are with you 100% with all above.

Miss my cup of coffee in bed that John brings me every morning because I walk Binx. :rofl:


And another song title “Love is all around” (I think it’s the title anyway!)

And it really is, especially if you’ve got animals that look at you with total love! As well as a husband, who I love and who loves me also, he is without a doubt my Twin Flame…(Google it if you’ve not heard of it :wink:)

Merry Christmas to you all xx


I was touched by your wide-reaching approach to love. Some I equate to simple acts of kindness. I experienced one, soon after I read your post. Each year a neighbour of mine receives an assortment of baked goods from her church. Last year, it included four Welsh cakes. Knowing I’m Welsh (living in Canada), she brought me two of them. I had forgotten about it until yesterday, when she was again at my door, with two Welsh cakes in hand. I don’t know this lady well, but she remembers that about me, and it makes me feel special and loved. :heart_eyes:


That is really special. Not just cakes but ones so close to your heart :sparkling_heart:

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“What is love?”
A picture says a thousand words … a birthday gift from my daughter :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Oh Angela, this is wonderful! What a beautiful gift. It brings a tear to the eye!
Happy Birthday and Merry Christmas.

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(warning sensitive topic:abortion)
Love can be many things. It is a word that some keep on reserve, guarded to only a few. Like the emoticons, some feel it is too much and hold back while others freely give it.
The genuine feeling however is a very special and personal emotion. This feeling is evoked by those moments that move us deeply.
In my life, I have loved deeply and often. The kind of love that often also brings a great deal of pain, loss and tremendous gain and joy.
I was married to someone who not only moved me but shifted my world. We were together a brief 5 years. They were years I will never forget.
We conceived a child that he did not want and expected me to terminate. I was torn as I so very much wanted this child but I loved him so very much and probably always will.
At the clinic, I was prepped and on the table when one tear rolled down my cheek. My doctor saw it and whispered in my ear, “if you don’t want to do this, get up, get dressed and come to my office”.
My heart leaped and so did I.
My son, who will be 40 soon, is one of the greatest people I know who lives an incredible heart based life. Is he perfect, nope :laughing: He is a real genuine human. He is a wonderful doggie daddy, an incredible husband and father of 3. One who he raises as his own.
I look at his family, the family that almost wasn’t and I am filled with love.

He has his father’s eyes who left on his first birthday.

All we need is love.


Amparo thank you for your deeply moving account. It takes real guts to bring a controversial subject to a forum.

We believe you were given an amazing second chance. You listened to the still, quiet voice and had the courage of your own convictions even though we can see that you were torn between your relationship and your unborn child.

We are so sorry the father walked away - his loss.

Caroline’s first husband gradually drifted away from his two sons.

It’s wonderful to hear that your son grew up to be a warm human being. This is down to you entirely, Amparo, your constant warmth and love is blossoming down the generations.

The gift of love is priceless.

All the blessings of the season

John and Caroline


Thank you John @CarolineJohn1
We have so very much to be grateful for.
We like to feel that those events are what strengthened our relationship.
Love is funny that way, like the lotus that blooms out of the mud just when we think there’s no way, the impossible becomes possible.

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