A Sunny hello from Derbyshire

Hi all :slight_smile:
We have just joined this site hoping to find someone to look after our two lovely dogs later in the year. We have four children so there has always been someone around to dog sit on the rare occasions that it’s been necessary so the dogs have never need to go in kennels. But (rather inconsiderately LOL) the children have all developed lives of their own, so we are hoping to find some dog-sitters here. In fact our eldest now lives in Indonesia and would love us to go to visit later in the year. I have listed the dates as Sept/Oct but this really is a moveable feast so if anyone has 2-3 weeks free around that sort of time, do ask - we have nothing booked yet so can work with sitters to sort the best date. We are also looking for someone in July (these are fixed dates) as we have a graduation followed by a two year postponed (thanks covid!) music festival to go to.
We live in a little village in Derbyshire near Matlock, so loads of great walking nearby!
This seems like a lovely friendly group, I shall look forward to getting to know some of you :slight_smile:
Anyway, I will leave you with pictures of the dogs - Barney and Sunshine.


Hello @DerbyshireGirl and welcome to the forum to you, Barney, and Sunshine. I’m guessing that, when you say you’ve joined the site, you mean the TrustedHousesitters main site (not just the forum) and that you have at least your July dates listed.

You will attract the most activity on the main site, but it can help to also share your listing on the forum. You can do that either by embedding your listing in your forum username/profile or posting your location as shown on the listing and the date range here. Forum members are then happy to give you constructive feedback on your listing.

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Welcome @DerbyshireGirl

Barney and Sunshine are gorgeous. :heart_eyes:

Barney and Sunshine are adorable, and you live in a wonderful area for walking them. I’m sure you will have lots of interest.

That’s such a great area. My cousin and her family live near Bakewell and I try to visit them at least a couple times a year. I was just there in late February (shockingly decent weather that weekend!). Your doggos are adorable. I used to have a dog named Barney!

Not planning any more time in the UK this year, but maybe next year as that would be a great location to be able to see my family while not staying in a crazy child filled house. :smiley:

Beautiful pups! I don’t think you will have an issue finding a petsitter since there is still plenty of time. Just get the dates out there so folks can set a schedule. I wish I come come over and watch them as they are adorable!

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Hi. I tried embedding the link which didn’t work so I tried just adding the link and it wouldn’t allow me to do that either… I will try again when I next post as it said something about a new user not being allowed to perform those actions.

Awww thank you so much. They are lovely dogs :slight_smile: Really appreciate the warm welcome I am getting on this forum x

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Thank you - they are both rather sweet :slight_smile: And yes, SO much good walking here, it’s great! x

Thank you. If you are planning a Derbyshire trip next year let us know and I’ll see if we can plan a trip to one of my (many) relatives where taking the dogs isn’t quite so easy. That could be a good win/win situation :slight_smile:
And my goodness you must have planned it well to get decent weather in February!! x

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Thank you - they think so! (And so do we :slight_smile: )

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Cool, thank you. Yes we’ve joined the main site. I shall get someone a bit more computer savvy than me to sort out embedding the info. It would be good to get some feedback about my listing :slight_smile:



Hi @DerbyshireGirl You’re probably remembering that when a new forum member embeds their link, it’s not clickable for a while, so people have to copy and paste it. It can be added though. I’ll tag @Angela-HeadOfCommunity and then your link will probably magically be done. She’s amazing! :star_struck:

Hi @DerbyshireGirl your link is now live in your forum profile and I couldn’t resist sharing pics of Barney & Sunshine :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Thank you @Snowbird

Hi @Angela-HeadOfCommunity It wasn’t clickable for me, so I copied it and it redirected to a cat sit by Shaun in San Francisco??!

I got very lucky and I was only there for 3 days, which helped a ton. Right as my cousin was dropping me at the train in chesterfield it started raining.

@DerbyshireGirl I’ll just focus on two things in your listing that jumped out at me.

At the very start, in capital letters, I would show “SEPT/OCT DATES ARE FLEXIBLE. THREE WEEKS IN THOSE MONTHS CAN BE DISCUSSED AFTER YOU APPLY.” Usually when homeowners say they are flexible they mean a day or two either side, but you’ve mentioned here that you mean by 2-3 weeks.

You’ve been flexible about the number of walks but please give the sitters an idea of length of time for these walks as most sitters want to know this to see if they’re a good fit.

Ahhhh that makes sense, I’ll do that straight away. We couldn’t really work out how to make that clear. And I’ll be a bit more specific about walks too. That’s really helpful, thank you x

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Thank you - wow what a fab group this is <3 x

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Thank you so much, that’s appreciated x

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