About the Meet-ups & Travel category

Organize meet-ups with other members, find out about their upcoming travel plans, and share your unique travel tips.

Why not organise a meetup to make friends as you travel and house sit your way around the world. If you enjoy connecting with others then our community forum can help make this happen!

How to arrange a meetup

  • Create a new topic - Start with the word Meetup to make searches easy.
  • Indicate where you are and over what time span - give detail about where you’d like to meet.
  • Make dates clear in the title - when dates are passed the topic will be closed.
  • For members in the same area with overlapping dates, please show your interest.
  • To keep thread on topic, move to direct message to organize details of your meetup.
  • Don’t share private details like phone numbers, email addresses… use Direct Messaging

Owners & Residents - Help us connect our community

Have you ever considered arranging a coffee morning for local members or friends who might be interested in chatting about house sitting, travel and pets?

As a resident you might discover other members in your town or city who’d love to get together. Why not invite friends who are new to house sitting and you might inspire them to join up too! This is also a great way to increase your RAF (Refer a Friend) free months while helping to connect our community around the globe.

Safety & Owner Reassurance

  • Please always arrange meetups in a public place - a coffee shop, restaurant etc.
  • Do not arrange a meetup at a house sit property (unless you are the owner)
  • Ensure that house sit addresses are not posted or referred to anywhere on this forum.
  • Do NOT post addresses, phone numbers, email addresses etc.
  • Remember the forum is public - private details will be deleted.

Meetup Gallery

Please don’t keep your meetups a secret. Remember to take some photos and share on the “meetup gallery” topic thread! Or even begin a new topic - we don’t mind either way, we just want to see more of those smiling faces when members collide!

This is also where we’ll post relevant local events as well as TrustedHousesitter charity and partner events.

Happy meetups!