Accidentally set up profile for myself only, can I change to include husband?

My family and I live in central Indiana and have pets of our own and I am a professional petsitter (part time). We are looking forward to traveling in the states this year and hopefully abroad in the future!

I accidentally set up the profile for myself only and it was recommended to add my husband to it and when I travel solo, to explain that I will be on my own. This makes sense to me. Is it an easy fix? I will go try it out later. I am still working on figuring out how to request the references that people have agreed to provide.

Thank you!

Yes you should be able to add his information:

If on the computer, go to your dashboard, if on the app, click on ‘me’,

Click on edit profile, and then ‘your profile details.’ It is in this section that you are able to indicate whether you are traveling with someone else or not. Once you select the option that you are, you will see a bunch of fields below to enter info about your husband–name, age, etc… And then click ‘save’ at the bottom of the page.


Hope these screenshots help.