Advice for what to do about a bad experience

Pretty sure the price per kw/h is lower than it was last year, assuming that a fixed price tariff isn’t in use
Quote " In the year to October 2023 gas prices fell by 31.0% and electricity prices fell by 15.6% ."


I think you should write an honest and open review. That’s only fair to the next set of HOs. If I see a bunch of blank reviews for a sitter I assume they’re bad

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I explained the extra cost I was facing and the sitters said they were happy to help as they didn’t realise they were creating such a huge bill. They asked how much would I like as a contribution and I said the £200 above my expectation for the month would be great.
They then transferred me £300 saying that they hoped it would be enough to smooth things over and that I should leave a good review.

I haven’t left a review yet. There’s still a number of things that I found very concerning including the fact that they didn’t communicate about the broken car (they have since said they were aware of the damage but chose not to say anything, apparently they drove it like that).

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What you describe is just awful. I can see how you would be afraid to have another Trusted Housesitter, but as a feline behavior professional, I would advise you to try once more. Leaving a cat alone with someone dropping in only every few days would be stressful for your cat.
As some others have advised, I would look at the reviews for past sits when choosing a sitter. The more sits with good reviews, the better. You might also consider looking at reviews and inviting a sitter that impresses you to sit for you. That has happened to me a couple of times and it has always turned out really well for both homeowner and me.
I always try to leave a house as clean, or cleaner than, I found it. I usually devote a full day before we leave to tidying, washing towels, vacuuming, etc. I like the homeowners to come home and be happy they chose me.
It makes me really angry when bad sitters give the rest of us a bad name. I’m so sorry that you had this experience.

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