Aloha! Hello from Honolulu, Hawaii!

Aloha Everyone!!!

We are a digital nomad family of 3. We are currently living in Waikiki and have been here for about 5 months and absolutely love it. After giving up our car (because we can walk pretty much everywhere) we discovered that the cost of living is pretty comparable to Ohio! I realize that sounds hard to believe, but if you live more like a local and less like a tourist, its truly not that expensive. We just had to sacrifice a little space and …milk ( LOL )

…Anyway, we recently joined this site and after taking the time to build a profile and learn a bit about how it works (and read some forum posts :slight_smile: we applied for and landed our first sit and we are extremely excited to start next month!

The forums have been a great place to learn and I truly appreciate reading the posts from everyone! We are also very excited to eventually expand our range outside of the US… especially when other countries re-open!

Mahalo for reading!

The Lowing’s


My Nephew & his family live in Honolulu….So when you need to travel, Please give me a call :slight_smile:

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Thank you so much Liz!

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Great chouce


Sorry, I forgot to say welcome! Both to trusted housesitters as well as to your new home in Honolulu!!! If you ever need any concrete work my nephew owns a huge company there! :grin::sunglasses::grin:

Aloha @Lowing and a big welcome to TrustedHousesitters and the forum community! So excited for you that your first sit is booked! Is that in the islands? Joining now with our new forum available, is the best of combinations, as you’ll get so much help and advice from other members, both experienced and like you, just starting out. It sounds like you are already benefiting from this exchange of knowledge!!

Hawaii is one of my favorite places… I lived in Waikiki for 3 months many years ago while on an Earthwatch volunteer project… one of my first solo travel trips, and fell in love with the islands so I will be following your journey avidly. Please do consider posting some info in our Travel section with some pix for anyone thinking of visiting or sitting in the islands :slight_smile:

I know another digital nomad house sitting couple who recently moved to Hawaii… I’ll DM you the details of their website as you may be able to connect. Have a lovely time on your new adventures! All the best from all the team here!


Thank you very much Vanessa!! Our first sit is actually NOT here in Hawaii, it happens to be in Wisconsin! hah! So because I am new to the site and did not have any references, I focused on “less desirable” places in hopes of reducing competition … and it worked perfectly. :slight_smile:

I am perfectly fine sitting for snowbirds. It will help us appreciate Hawaii when we come back from snowy wonderlands :slight_smile: … and of course it helps provide a much needed service for those folks seeking to escape the cold.

I know there are sits out here on Oahu, the big island as well as other islands and they look amazing! They are also popular! :slight_smile:

I will certainly consider posting in the travel section, thank you for the suggestion.



Thanks for the good info. Have been aiming for HI for a while, but might not make it until Dec or Jan. But it’s hard to complain about being “stuck” in New Zealand and the Cook Islands (where we are now). Happy to buy you coffee or something when we arrive.

Take good care, K&T

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