Hi from Austin, Texas ... Soon to be the World

Hi everyone,
We are Adrian and Eleanor, a couple of 50 something adventurous souls from the UK (me) and the US (El) looking to get out there and do some world travelling and house and pet sitting along the way.
We are currently in Austin, but about to give up our apartment, rent a storage locker, and dive into the world of nomadic freedom. We have been THS members for a while, and have been doing sits in and around Austin. That will ramp up to be a full summer and fall of sits here while we finish up working, and then we are both quitting our jobs, heading to Europe first and then further afield. Is it retirment? We are not sure, but it is for now!
We want to travel in South East Asia, where we realize housesitting opportunities are few and far between, but also Australia and New Zealand where they seem to be more plentiful.
Our general plan is to spend a couple of years following the Summers in Northern and Southern Hemipheres. No more snow shovelling for us!
Anyway, this is such a welcoming community that we are thrilled to be a part of, and we just wanted to reach out and say Hi. Im sure we will be looking for advice as we move forward, but if anyone is in Austin between now and November wants to connect or needs some local knowledge, would love to hear from you.


Yes, cheers Eleanor and Adrian, what a thrilling beginning, and to choose this freedom, this bold way to be human, to live with trust as the glue for your stays and connections. It is all truly thrilling.

I am very happy for you. I grew up in California, and on Maui, so any questions for those places, I can assist. I am moving to The UK, and just began this TH adventure, so on we go!

Much love, Aloha, Claire and my dog, Tarkina

Hi @AdrianAndEleanor. Welcome to our special community! I’m glad you’ve joined us as you get ready to launch into this exciting new life you’re creating for yourselves. It sounds like you’re going to have an amazing time in the months to come. Please post pictures here as you go, so we can travel along with you. And meetups! If you’re going to be in a place for a few days or more, feel free to post to see if anyone else is around and would like to meetup in real life.

Again, welcome to our world. You’re gonna love it!

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Hello @AdrianAndEleanor and welcome to the Community Forum :wave:t2::slightly_smiling_face:

What a fantastic adventure you have planned… please share photos on here as we would love to see! :camera::slightly_smiling_face:

Whereabouts in Europe are you hoping to head to first?

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