Am I obliged to write a review of a sitter?

Are we obliged to write a review for every sitter?

Is it possible to speak to THS about a Sitters wellbeing?

You’re not obliged, but other homeowners definitely appreciate a heads up if there’s something off. If you have real concerns about the sitter that might explain their behavior (or whatever the issue was) you could contact THS support first, explain the situation, and ask for guidance.


No but it’s helpful for many reasons. For the sitter, future sitters, your own reputation on THS and future HOs knowing what they are like. If there are issues then speak to THS at or ask the chat bot for a human and talk to them :+1:t3:


@TheDockers you do not have to write a review and if you have concerns about a sitters well-being then you can and should contact member services.

Under the common law in U.K. organisations such as TrustedHouseSitters do have a duty of care and safeguarding responsibilities to sitters and homeowners and others who may be affected by their activities.

These responsibilities in law are about keeping people safe which includes someone’s mental health .

If these are the type of issues that you are concerned about , I can understand why you do not want to write a review but would prefer to report these issues to THS for them to investigate and take appropriate action .

They can be contacted by e-mail

Let us know how you get on .


I’ve raised the issue with


I’ve followed your suggestion and emailed Support. Will let you folks know how it pans out.


I agree. I do not know about UK law but at least morally they have a responsibility.

But in a case a while ago I was concerned about whether THS took that sufficiently seriously. The only thing that I could see that they did was that they threw the sitter off the site and off this forum.

Support at THS have said we must write a review to help protect not only the sitter, but future homeowners.

I’ve followed THS advice and the review is unemotional and factual.

Neither of us are comfortable about doing so, not so much about repercussions from the sitter to our reputation on the site, but because we have been so lucky in the past in making so many ongoing friendships with sitters and for many personal reasons, this isn’t going to be possible with this sitter.