Android App Search -- New Issue

With the latest app update, I’m noticing that when I click into search results (I’m a sitter, using the Android app), my keyboard is launched. To be clear, I’m not clicking into a search box (nor is one present), just clicking notification link to review results of a saved sit.

This is a new issue that has arisen with the latest update.

The same happens to me! Im using samsung galaxy. It is very annoying!

Hi @ItsJay & @mititeika
We are sorry to hear that this is happening to you. I will give this feedback to our tech team to look into, so this does not happen to others.

I just wanted to double-check with you about the type of phone & versions you are using?
Does this happen if it’s a single saved listing notification (favourite), or if it’s a saved search results notification?

I can then feed the correct information back to the team to investigate.
Thanks for your help.

Im using Samsung galaxy A33, android version 14. This keyboard thing is happening when the saved search notification received and clicked to open it to view.

My issue is with opening of saved search notifications. I’m using a Pixel 6a running Android 14.

Hello @ItsJay & @mititeika

Just a quick update to let you know that the Tech team are working on it and has recreated the issue. They can close out and dismiss the keyboard, are you able to do that in the interim?

If not please let me know and I can feed that back :slight_smile:

Hopefully, they will have it sorted soon.

Yes, it is possible to close the keyboard when it launches. It’s just an added step (an annoying one).

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Great to know @ItsJay I will let Tech know. They are working on a fix. Thank you for your patience while it is sorted :slight_smile:

Just to keep tabs on - I still have this keyboard issue.

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