Animal Lovers in N. California, USA

Hello all! We are Jenn & Rob :heavy_heart_exclamation:

My husband and I joined THS the right before covid hit so our first sit wasn’t until the end of May of this year. Being in our 50’s we wanted to start traveling but waited until our last pet passed away as we didn’t want to leave them behind. Now “childless” we want to see the world and have companions along the way. We now have done 8 sits and absolutely love it! All the animals we have bonded with and new friends we have created make this so wonderful. Rob works remotely during the week and I have all day to spend entertaining the animals with walks and cuddles. In the evenings and weekends they get double the love!

We are going to be doing 2 back to back sits out of state on Friday. So excited! Thanksgiving with a wonderful pup :dog:

We both have been enamoured by animals all our life and actually met each other on a vegan dating site 20 years ago! :heartbeat: Rob and I were always looking for airbnb’s that had pets on the property and that is how we found out about THS. One of the airbnb owners saw how much we cared for her cat - so she filled us in on this fabulous organization.
Enthusiastic about the adventures ahead :dog2: :cat2: :chicken: :snake: :goat: :racehorse: :rat: :tropical_fish: :hamster: :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: :heartbeat:


Hi @Jenn what a wonderful introduction and lovely images thank you so much for joining us here on the forum and for sharing a glimpse of your life, welcome!

We have such a unique and very special community bonded by our love for animals and sharing their love and lives while keeping them safe and happy at home. The connections we make on this journey, both animal and human stay with us often for life … pets, people & places.

Have an amazing back to back sits, out of State 2021 Thanksgiving and we look forward to sharing in your unfolding THS story.

Enjoy connecting with our members around the world and welcome again, it’s great to have you here.

Angela and the Team

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Welcome to the forum, Jenn. If you ever want to do a sit in Rehoboth Beach, Delaware we’d love to have you take care of our cats while we go house sit elsewhere. THS has changed our life and once our last cat passes we intend to do exactly what you are doing!

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Thank you Peg :heavy_heart_exclamation: Such kind offer :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: Yes, you two do sound just like Rob and I! Did you adopt your kitties during covid? Let me tell you it was hard for us to get through lock down without a fur baby. We fostered during that time and that really helped.

No they weren’t covid kitties but were rescues we found, 8 and 11 years old. Fostering is a great way to help an animal when you don’t want to own. Something I think we will do with dogs once the cats pass on.

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Welcome Jenn and Rob, and great that you’ve got back to back sits.
I’m excited to be housesitting full time again after my lifestyle of housesitting and travelling was rudely interrupted by you know what! For now I’m housesitting in the UK (where I’m from) as still not quite confident to travel abroad and things to go belly up!
Enjoy yourselves. Lovely pics by the way!